The Challenge

The Challenge Renewed for Season 36

Tell me something I don’t know…

As if there were any doubts, The Challenge has officially been renewed for its 36th season after strong ratings during Season 35.

Are we really surprised? This season has been a certified hit for MTV, consistently topping the Wednesday night cable ratings. It’s doing better numbers than Jersey Shore, Double Shot at Love, Ridiculousness, and Teen Mom. It is the #1 show on MTV right now.

Of course, filming is all dependent upon travel regulations. Right now filming will be hard due to COVID-19. I know Challengers are ready to go, and the gap in seasons won’t do any favors for MTV, so they better find a way to film!

Glad to see the show doing well, but we all knew season 36 was coming.

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  1. They need to just do this next season in the States. Some place with some good outdoor areas for Challenges like Colorado or Idaho. They should do something similar to UFC and Covid test all the crew and challengers before the flight out, and then individually quarantine a few days upon arrival and test again before putting them all in a house together for the season.

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