Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 16

The final is here! Rather than a top five moments, this is going to be a highlight reel. The top moment is the final, so enjoy the recap.

The cast shows up dressed in their parkas and snow pants. It’s going to be a cold one. 9,000 feet of elevation and twelve miles through the snow.

Day one: Competitors must ski through the snow and grab logs, up to three at a time. Then, they will light the logs to and burn a wreath of skulls. The issue, no one knows how to ski and the snow is deep. For some people, this is hell. For others, it’s a familiar terrain that can give them an advantage. We quickly see a montage of people slipping and sliding, and Bananas takes the lead for the guys. Cory, who was born in Michigan and familiar with the snow, is able to catch him. Jenny holds the lead for the girls, but Kaycee trails closely behind. By the time all the logs are collected, Cory is followed slowly by Fessy. Cory can’t start a flame, so Fessy actually finished first. Bananas is in third for the men, while Jenny advanced first for the women. Followed by Kaycee, then Rogan, then Kyle, then Bayleigh, then Melissa.

After the flames are lit, there’s it’s a race to the end of the checkpoint. Cory passes Fessy and finishes first. Jenny comes in third, then Bananas, then Kaycee, then Rogan, then Kyle, then Bayleigh, and Melissa finishes last. Bayleigh is concerned she hurt her knee when she slipped in her skis, but she decides to keep going rather than go to the hospital. Meanwhile, TJ rewards Cory and Jenny for finishing first. They form the final Tribunal and select one male and one female to go into elimination.

The cast then embarks on a “journey.” The climb to the top of a mountain until they reach a compound. This isn’t a race, and probably only exists to wear the competitors out. They need to follow a ropes course and the mountain gets steep and scary, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s not a race.

At the top, the two person “Tribunal” needs to vote in one male and one female. They decide Cory will make the male pick and Jenny will make the female pick. Meanwhile, Rogan and Melissa volunteer as the house vote. Rogan claims he wants to prove why he’s worthy of being a champion and Melissa is so disheartened by her performance in the first day that she needs a purpose to continue. Jenny determines Kaycee is her only real threat, so she sends in Kaycee. Meanwhile, Cory is playing to win. He sends in Bananas.

The elimination is called Knock Out, but before we can see the competition, we Melissa quits. She’s been feeling sad, cold, achy, pregnant, and exhausted all day so she feels unfit to compete. So we just see Bananas against Rogan. The game forces the competitors to start at barrels and race toward the center. Then, they jump and ring a bell. First person to do it twice wins, but the snow is deep and the bell is high. Neither guy hits the bell on his first jump, but after a couple of rebounds, Bananas rings it. Rogan swears he’ll make a comeback in round two, but Bananas gets it on his first jump and eliminates Rogan.

The winners of elimination get to sleep inside with the Tribunal, leaving Kyle, Rogan, and Bayleigh outside. Bayleigh starts to cry, concerned about her knee. So, the medic comes and pulls her from the game. This leave Kyle and Fessy outside all night to lean on barrels by the fire while the other four sleep inside. Eventually the producers send Kyle and Fessy indoors and when everyone wakes up, it’s a blizzard.

Day two: The show goes on, and the race continues. The next step is to meet TJ at the finish line. Cory and Jenny get a one minute head start over the elimination winners. They get a one minute head start over Fessy and Kyle. Throughout the race, they have to solve an equation that unlocks a lock, then they break a skull. Fessy does this first, then Bananas, then Jenny. The other competitors struggle, with Kyle finishing fourth. Cory is in fifth now, with Kaycee in dead last.

Fessy has the lead, but his lack of sleep slows him down. Bananas and Kyle pass him, meanwhile, Kaycee times out and gets to start moving. Fessy is falling behind, and Cory is moving up the ranks. He sees all the competitors ahead of him, but he doesn’t close the gap fast enough. Jenny crosses the finish line, then Bananas. Bananas and Jenny win $500,000 each.

Kyle comes in second for men, then Cory comes in third. Fessy finishes fourth for men and Kaycee comes in dead last.

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