Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Everything Important from the Reunion

Coming to you from an exotic Zoom chat, we have the Total Madness reunion! Hosted by Vernon Davis.

Vernon Davis The Challenge reunion

Jenny doesn’t consider herself a champion. She says you need to win a handful of times to be called a “Champion.” Obviously she’s unaware of Champs. vs. Stars. Bananas was worried he’d never see another final again let alone win it.

Jenny MTV final

Bayleigh confirmed she sprained her knee badly.

Melissa (well, Cory broke the news) confirmed she was pregnant during the final. She was four months when she found out.

Melissa Kyle MTV Challenge

Kyle was worried about the pregnancy because there were rumors he hooked up with Melissa. He was in a relationship and both claim they never hooked up. Melissa blames Bananas for the rumors. Then, we see a montage of the two cuddling and Kyle putting his hands down Melissa’s pants. Kyle calls that “nothing,” and “friendly flirting.”

Nany Aneesa MTV

Kaycee gets put in the hot seat for her flirtation with Nany. Kaycee denies ever doing anything with Nany, and Nany admits to having a crush, but both deny anything real having happen. Then Nany turns to Aneesa, who is allegedly her “girl.” Nany wonders why Aneesa consoled Kaycee during Nany’s drunken night rather than having Nany’s back. Aneesa claims she was lower on Nany’s friendship list because Jenna and Kailah were there. Also, Nany had nothing to lose in the situation while Kaycee was in a relationship. The edit here was very choppy, and it goes from Aneesa explaining herself to Nany calling herself Satan and storming off.

Kaycee Bayleigh the Challenge

Next, we move to Kaycee’s flirtation with Bayleigh. Bayleigh admits she thought the relationship was “more than just a friendship,” but it was never a sexual thing. Kaycee admits she had an alliance with Bayleigh, but feels Bayleigh broke the trust when she threw Kaycee under the bus at in the Tribunal. Ultimately, their friendship really is lost and they haven’t spoken since the show.

Wes Bananas alliance MTV

Once again, we talk about the Wes and Bananas alliance. Bananas and Wes decided to work together in the car on the way to the MTV Movie Awards (which overlapped with the filming of War of the Worlds 2, but both attended because they were eliminated so early). They were sick of having other people reap the benefit of eliminated from the game, so they teamed up. Wes confirms he knew Bananas was trying to get put into that elimination, but Wes was worried about the game ending and he wouldn’t have a Red Skull, so he made the best move he could with the information he had.

People called Ashley a snake, but then they referred to a tweet where she brought up Johnny and Jay’s “love triangle.” Jay dated Morgan, then she started dating Bananas. All that was really said was that Jay didn’t want to make that a storyline. It was about him and Morgan, not him and Bananas.

Bananas Jay Morgan love triangle

Josh called his argument with Swaggy a mistake, but he had no idea that Wes and Swaggy had an alliance. Bayleigh chimed in and said Josh knew, but also knew they weren’t gunning for Josh. In the end, Josh had nothing to say and decided to “take an L.”

CT said he was a little salty over Jay’s win, but now that time has passed he can’t take anything away from Jay.

Kailah gets put in the hot seat for her fling with Bear. She basically said she hooked up with Bear because she was bored, but was also unhappy with her relationship at home. Then we address the port-a-potty rumor, and Nelson said it probably wasn’t true but it was a real rumor. And if it was true, it was because Kailah wanted to avoid the camera, not because she enjoys the constraints of a port-a-potty. Kailah confirms that she’s not with Bear, and has a new boyfriend (Sam).

Jenna Zach fight Total Madness

Jenna is joined by Zach who announces their engagement. Then, they address their fight, but Zach doesn’t confirm what he found. He says they were strong enough to work through it, and he stands by the way he handled it. Tori really felt like Jenna was gonna throw the elimination, and Jenna didn’t even realize she won right away.

Wes admits he lied to Nany when he said Jenna wanted to quit. He just wanted to cover his ass because Nany was upset with his decision to put Kailah and Jenna into elimination.

Next weeks, Shit They Should Have Shown!

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