The Challenge

Rogan O’Connor Apologizes for Old Tweets With Racial Language

Another Challenge apology tour has begun. This time, it’s Rogan.

In 2012 he posted two tweets where he used the n-word. In one tweet he quotes Pulp Fiction, in the other he mentioned rapping along to Drake, only realizing how frequently the n-word is used once he said it.

On Challenge Mania, Rogan acknowledged the tweets, stating his intent was not to be racist. He apologized if the tweets caused offense, and claims he has grown from the person he was when posting these comments.

The tweets verifiably refer to a quote from Pulp Fiction and lyrics from Drake: both of these uses of the n-word did not originate from Rogan. However, he Rogan is not a black man, so he is using racial language that does not impact his identity. It’s up to the public, particularly black people, to accept or ignore the apology.

Meanwhile, Rogan has not acknowledge tweet where he mocked Sam Smith’s gender and a tweet where he endorsed gender binaries.

Rogan O'Connor racist tweets


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