The Challenge

Could Cory Win The Challenge?

There’s a history of Challenge competitors who have done many seasons by never secured a win. On Season 36, Cory is officially hitting the 8 season mark. He now joins the ranks of Leroy, Aneesa, and Nany in the “WIN ONE ALREADY” club.

Cory has lost a lot of eliminations, but he’s also seen a number of finals: Bloodlines, Invasion, and Total Madness. He’s come in second and third, but never gotten a win. When someone goes this long without a win, we need to wonder if there’s any hope.

Last season, Cory played his most mild game. He was friendly with Bananas while maintaining loyalty to Nelson. This strategy allowed him to get to the end fairly easily, having to only beat Swaggy C in elimination.

Based on this season, I think there is a good amount of hope for Cory to win. He did well in the Total Madness final, much better than his prior two. In fact, he likely completed the course in the least amount of time. If you add the Day 1 time and Day 2 time (like they did on War of the Worlds), Cory very well could have been the male winner.

So yes, Cory could win. However, I think we’re going to see a change in perception toward him. He received a lot of sympathy being away from Ryder and this absolutely benefitted his game. I think cast members will get annoyed by this gimmick, and he won’t have another hero moment from Nelson to save him.

Still, I see a level of potential I didn’t see during the “Trilogy.” I’m rooting for Cory, and I think he’s a real threat in the game who used a new strategy last season.

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