Battle of the Bloodlines

Where Did All the Bloodlines Go?

Five years ago, MTV took a risk and brought in 15 Bloodlines to compete with their relatives. Within a couple of years, the season faded into obscurity.

At the time, The Challenge was getting cast members from two sources: The Real World and Are You the One? In fact, this was the second season where Are You the One? could compete.

Prior to Battle of the Exes 2, it did seem like there was a shortage of new cast members. Once we got Are You the One?, we had too many potential cast members. One two Are You the One? cast members made it onto Bloodlines, but AYTO became more prevalent in future seasons.

Meanwhile, the Bloodlines fizzled out. Only four ever did a second season: Jamie, Vince, Nicole, and Shane. What happened here? Especially because there was a lot of potential on the cast.

It seems Bloodlines weren’t brought into the show for the same reason as Fresh Meat. The FM alumni were supposed to have the opportunity for a Challenge career, but the Bloodlines were only there to enhance their relative’s game. Vince was a built-in ally for Johnny, Nicole would help Nany, and Jamie could have helped Cara Maria if she did Rivals 3. Shane returned on Dirty Thirty, and by that point Tony was an emerging Challenge star who played a reckless game. He needed all the help he could get.

People like Jill, Raphy, Mitch, or Mike could have been great additions to the show, but their Bloodline wasn’t worth the investment. Cohutta and Abe were being cycled out of The Challenge while Dario and Cory were new blood. They didn’t need an extra ally because they were still rookies in the game. Soon enough, Cory would have have his own alliance.

Everything about the season ended up being a flop. The formatting was awkward, the new cast members were useless longterm, and the drama has (surprisingly) be cycled out of the show. After this season Cara moved on to Kyle then Paulie, the Abe storyline ended. She also befriended Johnny after this season, ending their beef temporarily.

Now, Bloodlines is one of the cringiest seasons we’ve ever seen. It has no legacy in the franchise, and if we can’t get the best Bloodlines to compete again, it’s best to forget the show even existed.


    1. hahaha i’m near the end of this season for the 1st time (have been watching this all day on pluto) and am wondering how much of this is a set up and/or influenced by producers.

      but it’s also interesting/maddening enough to try to figure out everyone’s motives and keep all this straight too. bananas is like the frank gallagher of this season. (that’s a reference to shameless, prob my fav tv show)

      this show is bananas. not sure if i like it or not. i don’t get how the water challenge freaked them all out so much either? but i can see why it would at the same time. they need to go back to their swimming pool and practice. lol.

      and just like wow. RIP to those people who died also. and then kelly said “it just makes me remember why i’m here” i just liked that statement a lot i guess idk.

      okay sorry for the long and awkward comment. i might be going a little crazy myself. but just my 2 cents. i should go.

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