The Challenge

Rachel Calls for MTV To Air Universal Challenge

Rachel Robinson posts new picture of the Universal min-Challenge from earlier in 2020.

This past week, Rachel posted a picture to her Instagram with a “strong woman,” Da’Vonne Rogers! The picture was taken earlier this year in January when the two ladies were filming a Challenge mini at Universal Studios.

We’ve seen a few of these mini-Challenges in the past. They’re usually a few minute long and used for promo during commercial breaks during the airing of new Challenge episodes.

From the looks of it, we have four competitors: Rachel, Devin, Da’Vonne and Mark. Based on the jerseys, we probably had a Rachel & Devin team and a Mark & Da’Vonne team. The host appears to be Devyn Simone.

Likely, this never aired due to the pandemic. Though it was filmed prior, Universal Studios has been hit by closures and social distancing. They’re probably not trying to promote the parks right now, so they wouldn’t want MTV to air this promo.

I think there’s a good chance we will see this aired eventually. Hopefully public spaces will be safe enough to reopen. When Universal can have guests at full capacity, I anticipate they’d want to get the word out there and promote as much as possible. So, this mini-Challenge is a nice piece of content they’re keeping in their back pocket.

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