Challenge: Double Agents

Theresa Pulled a Big Move. Is She Screwed?

Theresa pulled a shady move. Will she feel the backlash?

After winning the Struggle Run mission, Theresa & Jay gained all the power in the house. A lot of people expected Theresa to fight to get her skull, but Theresa had other plans. In her mind, power meant an opportunity to get a big competitor out of the house.

Jay was on board, encouraging her to take a stab at the tougher girls. There are only five skulls, and even if Theresa won her skull it wouldn’t make her immune from future elimination. Theresa agreed, but wanted to keep her plan a secret.

Theresa’s goal: take out the millionaire. Ashley won twice, and she’s strong in a final. Her opponent, Kam, is also a front runner and strong competitor. Regardless of the outcome, a threat goes home.

Jay Theresa

Her plan was a success, although it pissed a lot of people off. Jay blindsided Cory and Kyle, failing to give them the heads up he promised. Theresa planted some seeds, but she never confirmed Kam would be going into elimination. This was a big flex, and Theresa pulled off her move, but there will be repercussions.

Now that the dust has settled, Theresa has drawn a line in the sand but she may not be completely screwed. She’s established herself as a part of the newbie alliance. Meanwhile, the veterans are probably going to hold some anger toward her. If she works with the new girls, she’ll probably find herself in a decent position. Her mistake won’t necessarily be taking a stab at Kam, it’s more likely to be her lack of allegiances. Picking a side will leave her with friends and enemies. This is better than having the whole house skeptical of her.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, Theresa is crafty. She’ll probably put herself in the best possible position. Kam and Leroy might be mad, but Leroy did run a final with Theresa. He knows she’s a good competitor and she has a good shot at winning an elimination.

It feels like Jay will be in a worse position. He’ll already be viewed as a smaller guy, and now all of his allies are weary of him. Josh seems to dislike him now for some odd reason, Cory has reason to be skeptical of him, and Kyle also has reason to feel betrayed. Jay will likely get the bulk of the backlash. This is especially true if the next elimination is for the men.

If nothing else, it’s good to see Theresa take a stand in the game. Now she’s the center of some attention rather than being overshadowed as she was in earlier weeks.

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