Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 7

The most important moments on Episode 7 of Double Agents

Karma is a bitch, and it might just start with a Jay.

  1. The Storm After the Storm
Jay Cory Kyle

We return from elimination, and Jay is the target of the drama. Kyle and Cory are mad at Jay because he didn’t give them a heads up. They also viewed this as a gamble with their games. Had it been a guys’ elimination, Cory would have needed to compete against Kyle. Jay expects this, but then he gets confronted by Leroy who’s mad he didn’t receive a heads up on Kam’s behalf. Meanwhile Kam swears that Jay & Theresa made enemies in the house, but Theresa thinks she did Kam a favor. She has her red skull and Ashley is out of the game. Theresa urges Jay to lay low because drama subsides and people move on quickly, but then she starts to scheme against Darrell while talking with CT. Perhaps she has another plan in the making?

2. Nothing But Net

Aerial Escape

This week a helicopter flies in for Aerial Takedown and it’s a wrestling match in the air. Five at a time, competitors will need to knock competitors off the cargo into the freezing water. The fastest overall time will get power for their team, meaning we will see four total heats. In the first heat, Kam is determined to win, but falls off leaving Kaycee to battle Nany. Kaycee takes the win, but this is only half of the girls. In the second heat, some girls fall pretty quickly. It seems Theresa wanted to concoct a plan to set up a winner by having people fall, but Amber B. wasn’t going down without a fight. Theresa wins, but thanks to Amber it wasn’t a quick win. Both of the men’s heats were unimportant because no one fought other than Leroy and Jay. Both male heats result in DQs because they take too long, so the challenge will be won by either Kaycee or Theresa. “One second” separated the two, but Kaycee emerges as winner. Now she and Leroy have the power.

3. Say It, Don’t Spray It

Josh throws water

After the challenge, the cast returns to the house and the drama begins. Theresa tries to do damage control, because Amber B. is claiming Theresa asked other girls to drop so she’d automatically win. The bigger drama comes from Devin who trying to Fessy upset. He starts by saying he wanted Fessy to lose in the challenge, then he continues to push Fessy’s buttons by antagonizing Fessy’s reactions and insulting Big Brother. Then, Josh tries to calm down Fessy, but we all know Josh is not going to stay calm. Once Fessy goes to bed, Josh returns to Devin and deals with Devin’s comments. Josh throws water at Devin, but Devin continues to follow Josh and nag him. Josh shoves Devin, then people take Josh to his room. Of course, this goes nowhere and the feels of animosity linger the next day.

4. Double Crossed Double Agents

At the deliberation, Devin apologizes for the argument with Josh. All seems to be forgiven, and the attention turns to Jay & Theresa. Most people view her as sketchy, and some people think she wanted girls to throw the challenge so she could be safe and put Darrell in elimination. Theresa denies this, and blames CT for spreading a lie. CT does get awfully defensive, but after her deceit last week it seems Theresa can’t clear her name too easily. Jay is taking the brunt of her lies. Kam tells Jay & Theresa to get their skulls just like she got hers. Kam sets the tone, and unsurprisingly, they get the bulk of the votes. Leroy & Kaycee see this, so don’t expect a heads up Jay. Now Leroy needs to determine whether or not he wants to go down and get his skull or give someone else the chance.

5. Triers and Fires

Fire Escape

The cast walks to elimination and it looks a lot like Operation Fire Escape from episode 1. Then, TJ shocks the cast at The Crater. All of the votes cast by guys who didn’t try to compete in the challenge are invalid. Does that matter? No. It’s not like the women weren’t angry with Theresa. Now Leroy has chosen to compete against Jay. The elimination is called Fire Escape, it’s the same as the first time but it’s twice as long with three times the obstacles. The game starts and it’s super close until the first obstacle. This is when Leroy starts to make up milliseconds. Both guys are fast, but Leroy inches along faster. Leroy almost gets stuck on the last obstacle, but he pushes through and gets his skull. Now Leroy has his skull.

Leroy is coming back to Kaycee. By default, rogue agent Cory is with Theresa.

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  1. Leroy was a beast in The Crater. I’m really hoping this is his season to win. I’d love to see him go out as a winner.

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