Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 8

The most important moments on Episode 8 of Double Agents

Jay’s out, and Toxic Theresa is with Bad Luck Cory.

  1. Mud Blood Bath
Nany mud

This week, competitors are playing All Brawl. Five at a time, the cast will rush into a mud pit and fight to find a relic. Whoever takes it to safety first will move onto stage 2. In the first heat, five girls enter and struggle to find the relic. When Nany finds it, a brawl begins. Aneesa tackles Nany and the relic is thrown. Kam snatches it and rushes to safety. Heat 2 is for the guys, but Nam stealthily finds the relic and sprints to safety. In the third heat Theresa finds the relic, but she can’t escape without getting tackled. This opens it up for Gabby to grab the relic. In the final heat, CT seems to pull the relic out of nowhere. Now, it’s on to stage two. It’s CT vs. Nam and Gabby vs. Kam. Essentially, it become Pole Wrestle and the last person hanging onto the relic wins. CT pins down Nam and yanks the relic away, though Nam put up a fight. For the girls, Kam gets the relic away from Gabby quickly. Now we’re onto round three and the partners are involved. It’s Kam vs. Big T and CT vs. Kyle. Both partners need to win their heats to become the Double Agents. Obviously, Kam beats Big T. and CT knows she won’t win. Kyle beats CT, so Kam & Kyle become the winning team.

2. Nothing But Neck

During the Challenge, in the very first heat, Aneesa tackled Lolo. At some point, Aneesa allegedly choked Lolo and this angered Lolo. After the challenge she came back with a lot of resentment toward Aneesa. Lolo runs around the house and complains, stating she would have “put hands” on Aneesa if it wasn’t a show. Aneesa feels this is part of the game, but Lolo insist this is unfair. She can then be seen complaining to Kyle and Fessy. The next day, Aneesa apologizes and life moves on.

3. New School Deception

Amber Mechie

The cast goes into deliberation with no clear direction. Kyle had toyed with sending in Aneesa & Fessy because they sent him into elimination, but most people seem to want to send in Mechie & Amber M. They don’t want to go in, but no one cares. The majority of the house seems to sway toward Mechie & Amber M. They come across as a layup team, but Amber M. is also really close with rookies like Gabby andAmber B. However, Amber B. votes for Amber M. and confides her vote in Kyle. Amber B. is hoping to avoid confrontation.

4. The Last Skull

In the Chamber, we don’t get a lot of information. Just surprised and happy reactions from Kyle & Kam. To the surprise of no one, it’s Amber M. & Mechie who have been compromised. So, Kam & Kyle send down Josh & Nany. Perhaps this is to ensure an easy competitor gets a gold skull or maybe they want an alliance with Josh & Nany. Regardless, it’s a mens’ day for the last male gold skull before they have to start stealing.

5. Ball Breakless

Josh in elimination

The elimination for Asset Destruction 2. It’s like the game Aneesa won, but there’s twists. The crates are heavier, and there’s a puzzle before they begin. This puzzle reveals where the targets are located. Josh gets his puzzle done quickly while Mechie struggles. Josh pulls over his crate of balls, shoots for the targets, and breaks nothing. His lead has allowed him to throw balls and make no damage. Eventually, Josh starts to make damage while Mechie continues to toy with the puzzle. Josh wins, and Mechie doesn’t even complete the puzzle.

Now, Josh is back. He sticks with Nany and Amber M. is back as a rogue agent.

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