Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 10

The most important moments on Episode 10 of Double Agents

Whose game will Cory ruin next?

  1. Buried Trouble
Devin in Challenge

This week’s Challenge is Mission: Black Sand Ops. The cast sees a field with 100 torches. They need to build a puzzle by finding their 10 puzzle pieces. The pieces are buried under the torches, so they need to get digging and hope for the best. If they find a piece corresponding to a different team’s color, they can rebury it or help the other teams out. Alliances help each other out, and enemies just rebury each others’ pieces. Josh & Nany are the first to get all ten pieces, so now they have to look at the key to complete the puzzle. Easy enough, right? Well, a bunch of teams get to the end and a lot of pieces look alike. So it becomes a race assemble the pieces correctly. CT & Big T think they have the right answer, but one piece is incorrect. They think they’ve found the error, but Devin & Gabby arrange the pieces correctly and swipe the win from under their noses.

2. Powerless Trip

Gabby Devin

The cast goes out drinking, but game talk continues. Devin is trying to target Josh & Nany and his intuition is telling him it’ll be a male elimination. Meanwhile, Gabby wants to get a skull and feels like it’ll be a female elimination because there are still unclaimed female skulls. Devin runs around the house telling everyone to vote in Josh & Nany and says that anyone who doesn’t vote for them have violated his power and are on the chopping block. Josh gets upset, but Devin refuses to talk to him. Meanwhile, Gabby is getting frustrated. Devin isn’t taking her opinion, and she really wants to volunteer to get her skull. Now Gabby is frustrated and Devin is sick with power.

3. A Team in Two

At the start of the episode, Lolo was expressing her frustrations with Nam. As deliberation approaches, Nam is telling people to send himself and Lolo into elimination. Lolo feels they are on separate pages but Nam feels they can’t work well as a team together. He tells Lolo that the best thing for their team is to switch partners. Lolo is frustrated that their conflict can’t be mediated, but Nam seems to have given up on their partnership and doesn’t want to work with Lolo.

4. Going for the Gold

Devin Gabby

At deliberation, Amber M. & Cory take the floor first. They say they’d like to go down to elimination and they’re on the same page. While some teams has unwilling girls and other have unwilling boys, they are both ready to compete. Then CT chimes in and says other teams want to compete. Nam & Lolo also want to compete, as the drama on their team is stifling their potential. Then, Josh asks to keep himself safe from elimination and asks the house not to give Devin what he wants. Ultimately, Cory & Amber get the bulk of the votes. Devin is upset, and thinks about throwing down some power teams. Gabby says no, she wants to get her skull. So they talk about scenarios where Josh & Nany go down or Gabby volunteers.

5. Skull Banger

Amber Hall Brawl

At The Crater, they see the halls. It’s Hall Brawl. Gabby wants to get her skulls but she also wants to protect Devin’s skull. So, Gabby doesn’t go down and she votes in Amber B and blindsides her. and Darrell. Devin seconds this, and now it’s Amber against Amber in Hall Brawl… but with a twist. Competitors need to run through their opponents, get a ball and deposit it. They must do this three times to win. The first impact hits hard, but then Amber B. takes an immediate lead. Amber M. is slower and drops a ball somehow. She’s running around delirious while Amber B. moving balls efficiently. No one is surprised to see Amber B. win, but Gabby is devastated she passed on this elimination.

Now Amber B. is back and she returned to Darrell. Once again, Cory is rogue.

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