The Challenge Coming to Hulu on Feb. 26, 2021

The Challenge is coming to Hulu. Which seasons can you get?

The Challenge is everywhere! Fans may be rejoicing, but it seems you’ll need a bunch of services to get them all.

On Friday, Feb 26th, 2021, The Challenge seasons 30-32 will be available on Hulu. This will allow fans to stream Dirty Thirty, Vendettas, and Final Reckoning.

Challenge on Hulu

Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access) already had seasons 30 and 31. They also have seasons 11-13, 15-31 & 33. Meanwhile, Netflix has seasons 10 & 13 available to stream. If you want to stream Final Reckoning, Hulu is needed.

It’s nice to see more opportunities to watch The Challenge. If you have Hulu, I’d recommend rewatching Final Reckoning. It’s much better on a binge watch where MTV can’t ruin it with cliffhangers.

Let’s just hope we get more Challenge seasons, and I don’t need a new subscription to watch them. If you want to know all the ways you can stream The Challenge, I’ve broken it down (and there are a lot of options).

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