Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 11

The most important moments on Episode 11 of Double Agents

A new week, a new security breach.

  1. Low Lo

We come into the game after a “blindside” last week. While the dust is settling, Lolo is still frustrated with her position in the game. She feels she’s being blocked from getting a skull because the veterans have the power to send themselves into elimination and nobody wants to compete against her. Darrell notices she keeps comparing the game to The Olympics, but this is not an Olympic sport. The cast then begins to wonder whether or not Lolo would just quit the game. She seems to get more and more frustrated each week, and this game is different than the sports she’s used to playing. CT & Big T go last, and Big T pulls out a shockingly fast swim and she seems to enjoy herself. The pull out a win and become the Double Agents.

2. Air Drop

Amber B Darrell

This week, we’re playing Mission: Air Lift. The teams start on a boat and climb onto ropes being held by a helicopter. They will fly to a dropping zone where they have to swim to a platform. Then, they push a button and clock their time. Fast time wins. Leroy & Kaycee start strong followed a strong performance by Darrell& Amber B. Then we start to see teams mess up, starting with Josh missing the rope and Aneesa falling off the rope. Nam & Lolo make it to the swim zone, but Lolo’s boot falls off and Nam’s back starts to hurt. Devin ridicules Josh for missing the rope, then he misses the rope on his turn.

3. Plan CT

CT Leroy

After his win, CT is running around the house trying to orchestrate the elimination. CT knows this is his only chance to get a skull, but the other guys know he is going to need to steal his skull. So he talks to people like Leroy, Kam, Kyle, and Devin and asks for “the goof” AKA Josh. He hopes this will give him an easy win and other people will vote his way because he’s keeping them safe. As part of this deal, CT agrees to stick with Big T when he gets back. The cast then gets to chatting, and word gets back to Josh. He’s now hoping his Big Brother alliance can keep him safe.

4. Old School Swing


At deliberation, the vote comes down to Devin or Josh. So, Devin plays his layup card and says it’s a smart move to keep him around. At the deliberation, it seems the swing vote is Darrell. While he has history with CT, it also seems Devin is targeting him and Amber B., so it might be beneficial for them to get Devin out of the game. Darrell confesses this decision has been weighing on him heavily, but Devin & Gabby get the most votes. CT is annoyed with Darrell, but it doesn’t matter now. CT is sending himself down so it’s time to go against Devin. They’re both upset because regardless of the outcome, the Big Brother alliance will keep their numbers.

5. Going For the Gold (Just Not Skulls)

Lolo Big T

After deliberation, Lolo goes to her room to pack her belongings. She’s exhausted by the game and frustrated that she can’t get her skull. She claims she’s tried everything, and nothing worked. She also reveals she’s been working with the Big Brother alliance and they never supported her going into elimination. So, she’s leaving the game to prepare for the Olympics. This leaves Nam as a rogue agent going into elimination. Perhaps that’s why the show ends with a security breach?

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