Challenge: Double Agents

Nany Won an Elimination. Now, Can She Win a Season?

Nany finally won an elimination. Is she going to win the whole season?

For the first time in ten seasons, Nany won an elimination by herself. She has a gold skull, so she’s qualified to run TJ’s final.

Plus, she has Fessy as a partner now. She’s in a good spot, but is it good enough to make her a Challenge champion?


If Nany’s going to win, she has a tough road ahead of her. There are two really battles on Double Agents: getting to the final and defeating your opponents. Nany hasn’t even made the final. In fact, she’s probably one of the more vulnerable girls with a gold skull. Kaycee and Kam are strong competitors. The other girls would be crazy to want to compete against them in elimination, and the guys will view them as favorable partners in the final. Aneesa is great at puzzles and is heavier than most girls in the game. Other girls will view her as an elimination threat, but easy to beat in the final. So, she’ll only get thrown into elimination if the guys force her down there.

There are only a handful of eliminations left, but Nany and Amber B. will be especially vulnerable. Let’s just say Nany skates by and makes the final. She’s probably not poised to win. There are stronger, faster, and more clever girls ready to compete.

Nany can perform decently well in long-distance runs and she probably has the fight needed to push through the final. That doesn’t mean she’ll finish in first. By most accounts, it seems Kam is in the best position to win. She is strong, can solve math problems, and isn’t completely crippled by puzzles.

If Nany wanted a partner to carry her through the final, Fessy isn’t the worst choice. He’s also not the best, because she’ll crumble at the sight of math or logic. CT probably would have been more her speed, but capable of getting though all of her weak spots.

Perhaps Nany will pull out a miracle. She will dig deep, win the final, and get a huge paycheck. This could be a great way to end her Challenge career, but the odds aren’t in her favor. Nany hasn’t won any challenges this season and hasn’t demonstrated she’s in better shape than she was on Free Agents.

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