The Challenge

Challenge Champ Tori Hall Expecting Third Child

Tori Hall is expecting baby number 3!

It has been a long time since viewers first watched Tori Hall claim her Challenge championship on The Gauntlet 3 in 2008. This was her first Challenge season after she appeared on 2007’s Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge. Since then, she has given birth to two boys and claimed her second Challenge title on 2010’s Cutthroat.

Longtime Challenge fans also know Tori is no longer with her former husband, Brad Fiorenza. The two met while filming The Gauntlet 3 and were married when they won Cutthroat. When Brad returned to The Challenge in 2018, he announced their split and began a relationship with Britni Thornton.

While Brad’s relationship with Britni didn’t last, Tori also moved on. In October of 2020, she announced she married her new partner Dusty Gwinn. This week, Tori shared the two are expecting their first child together.

In an Instagram post, Tori shared the big news. She received an outcry of support and excitement, including many positive messages from other Challenge alumni. The picture shows five hands on top of a baby onesie to demonstrate the growing family. Those hands belong to Tori and Dusty, Tori’s two sons from her relationship with Brad, and her step-daughter from Dusty’s prior relationship.

It has been over a decade since Tori competed on a prior Challenge season. She has been mostly retired since her appearance on Cutthroat. In 2019, she did briefly return for an appearance on a mini-Challenge at Universal Studios in Orlando. The special aired during commercial breaks of the War of the Worlds finale.

Tori’s announcement may explain why fans won’t see her as a cast member on the upcoming Challenge: All Stars. Premiering on Paramount+, this show features many competitors from Tori’s time on The Challenge. Tori was interested in the show’s concept when Mark Long pitched the idea in the summer of 2020. Now that Tori has announced her pregnancy, her absence makes perfect sense. Filming for the show took place in early 2021.

At 34, Tori has spent a lot of her life in the public eye. While this is great news for her family, she seems to be focusing on a private life outside of The Challenge. As of now, Tori isn’t the only Challenge alumnae who are expecting. She joins people like Jenna and Theresa who have recently announced their pregnancies. Whether or not we see her on TV, Tori’s next challenge is certainly going to be filled with excitement.

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