The Challenge

Zach Believes The Challenge Hurt His Relationship With Jenna

Zach reveals his relationship has been hurt by The Challenge.

On a recent Instagram post, Zach Nichols believes The Challenge has put strain on his relationship with Jenna.

Really, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. We’ve seen some big fights between the two on Rivals 3, War of the Worlds, and Total Madness. Yet there is also the fact that the couple met in 2013 thanks to Battle of the Exes 2.

Clearly, the Challenge has done some good and some harm for their relationship. This is why a lot of people don’t talk about their relationships on camera. The Challenge can exploit that and use the drama to build storylines.

Now, Zach and Jenna are married. They are expecting their first baby and have been living together for a couple of years. Their relationship has had its ups and down, but a lot have been shown on MTV.

This is really true for all relationships on the show. Couples will get into fights, then they will need to relive it when the footage airs. Plus, confessionals are aired during the fight. Now, there is more context given to hard situations. Consider the Zach & Jenna fight on War of the Worlds. Not only was that an important part of the story, it was also aired during may trailers.

This is part of the reason why Zach and Jenna alternated some seasons. Jenna did Final Reckoning while Zach did Vendettas. Then Zach did War of the Worlds 2 while Jenna did Total Madness. You can bet production wanted the couple to be on the shows together.

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