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Years Later, Shane & Ryan Talk About Their Relationship

Evidence of Shane and Ryan's relationship thanks to an Instagram memory.

In 2005, production thought they were doing something big by casting Ryan on the Fresh Meat cast. In the past, he had dated Shane. This could be brought some relationship drama onto the show.

We never saw any of it. Ryan was caught in some Real World Austin drama and Shane steered clear. Shane revealed the relationship on the Fresh Meat Aftershow. Then he spend 11 years away from The Challenge we Ryan’s whole tenure lived in that time off.

Thanks to a trip down memory lane, we have some evidence.

The good news, there’s not animosity between the two. Both shared photos with love. Though Ryan did admit there was some hate “for a minute.”

This is a great throwback to the mid-00s. If Instagram existed back then, everyone would have known about the relationship. Because there wasn’t much social media, the relationship was mostly unknown.

The exes-turned-friends received a lot of love. Shane’s Road Rules teammates Rachel and Kendal responded with Rachel stating: “You both should of been on battles of the exes then I would of had fun!”

I agree with Rachel. They would have been a great addition. This is one of those storylines that could have happened, but never saw screen time on MTV. It’s good to see they’ve maintained a friendship, and it’s never too late from them to do a season (like All Stars) together.


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