Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Challenge Rookie Logan’s Multi-Colored Eyes Explained

Logan has two different colored eyes. What happened?

Looking at the rookies coming into Spies, Lies, and Allies, we see a lot of unique personalities and styles. Logan Sampedro, the Survivor Spain alumni, might be recognized for his different eye colors.

One eye is green, the other is darker with a pupil that’s more dilated.

Logan didn’t have this look his whole life. In fact, when he was on Survivor Spain in 2018 he had two green eyes. He also won the title of Mr. Global Spain with his same-colored eyes.

This change in appearance was due to a drone accident in 2019. After getting hit in the face, Logan was worried he would lose his right eye.

Fortunately, he got to keep his eye but the change in appearance will be permanent. Of course, this only makes him look cooler. His model-good looks are not going to be hindered by this accident.

Hopefully production now recognizes the dangers of drones. Fans will be happy if we never see another challenge similar to Drone Control.


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