Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Cory Wharton Confirms Production Limited Drinking on Spies, Lies & Allies

The cast of Challenge 37 have fewer freedoms than the did in the past.

Apparently MTV is in the “hot seat,” at least that’s what Cory is telling us.

In a recent interview with Emily Longeretta for Us Weekly he revealed that the cast got a little wild this season. On a couple nights, they drank a bit too much and needed security to intervene. Some cast member might have been a bit disrespectful.

After a few strikes, production implemented a ticket-based system. Once competitors ran out of tickets, they couldn’t drink any more. This was an attempt to allow the cast to drink, but avoid the poor decision making.

Cory hopes this is just a one-season rule due to the behaviors on Season 37. In the future, he doesn’t want to be policed. It’s odd to see the average age of competitors increase, but the rules for the cast become stricter.

This might be an initiative implemented as part of the CBS/Viacom merger. It seems CBS shows have stricter rules than MTV shows.

We also might see a really sloppy season. Time will tell if the cast is really out of control this season. Of course, production could edit all the good drama out of the show… they seem to like to do that now.

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