Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Was Michaela Wrong For Targeting Michele?

When push came to shove, Michaela pointed the finger at Michele.

Coming onto Spies, Lies & Allies, Survivor had a big group of rookies. Not only did we have three debuts from the US version of the show, we also have four international players. Somehow, we saw an elimination where one Survivor had to leave.

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Michele, Michaela, and Tommy are in a unique position. They’re US agents with international partners. Their best bet would have been rallying the rookies and making one super alliance of newbies. Clearly, this didn’t happen, but the Survivor US players did try to make an alliance happen.

A list was made, lines were drawn, and veterans had targets on their backs. Michele was definitely part of the conversation, but she needed to walk a narrow line. Much like Tommy, she had a partner who was an international player, but technically a veteran. Nam and Big T would be lumped in with different people than the Survivor players. Michaela didn’t have this concern. She was paired with Renan, another rookie player.

When Emy exposed this list, nobody wanted to take the blame. As history shows, the veterans don’t need an excuse to target the rookies. When they have an excuse, it’s game over. Someone from Survivor was going to take the blame. While many fingers were pointing at Michaela, she pointed a finger right at Michele.

Tommy demonstrated he knew about this list. He could have been a target, but due to his attachment to Big T he would be unlikely together voted into elimination before a non-veteran. While Michele had Nam, he’s less established and has fewer ties. Michaela likely saw Michele was next in the pecking order.

Logically, this move made some sense, but it’s a very Survivor move. In that game, it’s common for a player to do absolutely anything to save their ass, even if it just means one more week of playing. Then, they pray for immunity or a secret advantage. On The Challenge, people have long histories. If Michaela avoided the first elimination, she’d wear a target for weeks afterward. Sadly, her game died with that list.

Her move made sense on a Survivor island. On The Challenge, it might not have been the smartest move. She will always have the rookie title, so she’ll always have a target this season. She should have tried to maintain a number in her alliance and targeted a girl she thought she could beat.

Rookie make these types of mistakes in the game. Michaela showed physical strength, but she was put in a tough social position. Unfortunately, she might never get another chance to play the game. She seems more likely to walk a path paved by Joseph, Jenn Lee, Sean, or Chase before she follows in the footsteps of Bananas, Cara Maria, or Evelyn.

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