Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 4

The most important moments on Episode 4 of Spies Lies & Allies

The veteran alliance can only be so strong for so long, right?

  1. Big Brother, Broken Family

The rookies are dropping like flies, but the veterans are starting to scramble. Fessy remains worried about Amber B. because he believes she will turn on him before any other veteran. Josh tells Fessy to play it cool, because he wants to keep the veteran alliance together, but more importantly, he wants the Big Brother Alliance to remain in tact. Kaycee checks in with Amber and insists Fessy has changed since Double Agents and has worked on his communication. Amber says she’s seen progress and she feels confident in her allies. Meanwhile, Kaycee is a little skeptical of Amber.

2. Undercover Mission

The mission of the week is called Undercover Comms. One partner is suspended under a rig and needs to find their codes. Once a code is found, the suspended partner communicates it to the other partner via walkie-talkie. Then, the partner on the ground finds the code on a rock in the rubble. That rock contains a number and the series of codes are used to unlock a box and obtain a detonator. This will be used to drop and opponent. The team who detonates three opponents the fastest will win. Of course, the mission starts with Hughie freaking out because he forgot The Challenge includes heights, and Corey is confused because he’s suspended upside down. Somehow, Josh is able to communicate because he wins the first heat with his partner Amber. The second heat is stacked with veterans. They decides one of them will be the winner, so they drop the slow players and let the fast players advance. However, Kyle doesn’t get the memo and drops Devin. This pisses off Devin and allows Fessy & Esther to win again. Of the two winning teams, Fessy & Esther completed the mission fastest and becomes The Agency.

3. Once in a Dyle

After the mission, Devin is really butthurt that Kyle detonated him and ruined the plan. The rookies are excited to see cracks in the veteran alliance, so Devin takes his most logical step: talk strategy to Josh. Both Josh and Devin know their truce is due to the fact that they need each other to win. They’re not going to beat Fessy or CT in a final, so working together puts them in a position where they could win. Josh give some incredible advice and tells Devin to remember Kyle’s move but move on. The next morning, they talk. Kyle apologizes, Devin accepts, but he also reiterates that they need to be able to depend on each other. Then life moves on.

4. Survival of the Rookies

At deliberation, Michele and Corey seemingly accept their fate. Michele and Corey request that they have the opportunity to face rookies who need to prove themselves. Then, Ashley plays devil’s advocate and pleads to the veterans. She recommends leaving the layups so veterans can have an easy win later on. This puts the spotlight on Hughie, who is perceived to be an easy rookie to beat. He’s playing a sloppy game and confesses he threw a burn vote on himself and Ashley last week. Now she’s mad, but she also needs to look out for herself. So Corey & Michele get thrown into elimination, but Hughie apologizes to Ashley for his blunder after deliberation.

5. Lies and Allies

At The Lair, Fessy & Esther say Hughie’s name. Then, Fessy decides to strike first. He votes for Amber to go into elimination and Josh gets mad. Amber is too, but she’s much more composed than Josh. Esther follows Fessy, so we have a Amber joining Hughie in Down to the Wire. The partners will be handcuffed to a pole. They will need to navigate through an obstacle course to retrieve a key. Then, they need to navigate their way back to the starting point with the key and unlock themselves. At first, Corey & Michele have some speed but Hughie lights a fire under his ass. He manages to pass them, and he reaches they key with Amber first. Meanwhile, Corey is literally stuck because his carabiner is jammed. Hughie starts to yell at Corey, Corey yells back, and they get into a verbal fight. Hughie might have a point, Corey wanted this matchup, but the argument is only buying Corey time. He gets unstuck then Hughie & Amber drop their key. The elimination is a mess, and the key seems out of reach until Hughie does a split to get the key. While Michele & Corey get some time; it’s not enough. Hughie & Amber win, and Hughie gives a big middle finger to Corey and Amber sends one to the Big Brother alliance.

Ashley threatens Hughie’s life is he returns to her, so Hughie is with Nany now. Amber steal Devin, which makes Ashley & Josh partners because their patterns won elimination. Now, Gabo and Emy are paired together and doomed as a rookie/rookie team.

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  1. Dude, I can’t with this season. I thought the Pairs were hard to follow last season. This season is ridiculous. Would’ve made more sense to just make the game individual.

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