Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Amanda Trashes Fessy After He Flirts With Random Girl in Florida Bar

It seems like good things don’t last long for Fessy.

Well, it looks like we woke up to so Challenge drama on this Sunday. It seems Fessy has been making some more questionable decisions in Florida this weekend.

Fessy appeared at a Challenge Mania Live event this weekend with other Challenge alumni such as: Tony, Jisela, Corey L., and Michaela. After the event the cast went out to a bar, which is a common practice after these types of events.

While at the event, a video emerged where Fessy was talking to a random girl then getting very close. They seem to be dancing together then Fessy moves to the bar to be closer with her. Of course, Amanda has seen the video.

Since the filming of Spies, Lies and Allies, Amanda and Fessy had been dating. They have gone on vacations and confirmed the relationship on social media and Aftershows. It appears they were still together up until Saturday night when the videos of Fessy and the bar girl emerged.

If we know anything about Amanda, she’s not someone who handles issues passively. So, she was very quick to drop him and call him trash on social media.

To make matters worse, Corey Lay has been dragged into the discussion because he was at the event. When a fan asked about Corey’s involvement, Amanda claimed that he was present and told her that Fessy was on good behavior. Based on the photos, Fessy wasn’t behaving.

Corey claims that he’s not in control of Fessy. This is true, but he was checking in with Amanda.

We’ll see how this further unfolds. One thing for certain: this incident will not stay private.

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