Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 11

The most important moments on Episode 11 of Spies Lies & Allies

We’re back, and we’ve got three teams.

  1. Family Ties

The Episode opens after Ashley returns to the house. Nany thanks Ashley for not infultrating the emerald team, and says that it helps to build trust. Then, we get a montage of competitors calling their families at home. Ed, Nelson, and Big T talk to parents and sisters, but Kyle gets to call his girlfriend. She’s pregnant and Kyle has a son on the way. This season, Kyle can truly say he’s playing for his kid back at home.

2. Jumping Around

This week we’re playing Satellite Sabotage. The game requires players to jump from beam to beam on a “satellite.” Each beam is farther apart than the previous one, and players must jump and unplug the satellite during a “leap of faith.” The team that pulls the most plugs the fastest will win immunity and a cash prize from P3 Protein. As one team goes, the other two can spray them with fire hoses. The Sapphire team goes first, and CT shows them how to do it. He pulls a plug, but everyone else fails. Ruby goes second, and Cory sets the pace by pulling a plug first. Kyle goes after Cory, pulls a plug, but does it atop the beam. Because he didn’t jump, it doesn’t count. Both girls fall, but Logan ends the heat by pulling a third plug. The emerald team starts off with Nany, Tori, and Josh plummeting into the water. Then, Kaycee goes and pulls a plug. She’s followed by Devin pulling a plug and Emanuel falling. In the end, the ruby team and emerald team are tied due to Kyle’s blunder. It comes down to time, and the emerald team gets the win. They also get $3,000 each from P3 and some bits of meat and cheese.

3. Hurting the Odds

After losing for his team, Kyle is feeling distraught. He knows he compromised his team’s safety, and he took money out of their pockets. Even though the mistake wasn’t intentional, Kyle is beating himself up over his error. Meanwhile, Ed also knows his ass is on the chopping block. He’s a rookie and he didn’t pull a cord during the mission. There’s also Logan. Even though he did unplug a cord, he injured his leg last week. He’s viewed as an easy target and unlikely to win. But, he claims he’s feeling good and could compete.

4. Apologies and Mistakes

At nominations, Kyle starts off by apologizing for his mistake. Cory accepts the apology on behalf of the ruby team, and he says he was proud of his team’s performance even though they lost. Then, Ed speaks. He encourages The Agency to vote him into The Lair instead of Logan. When Logan had power, he promised to keep Ed safe and maintained his word. So, Ed is allowing Logan time outside of The Lair to recover from his leg injury. The Agency grants Ed his wish, but some people think he’s nuts for volunteering. Now, he needs to get an opponent.

5. Bottom of the Pole

At The Lair, the cast sees a pole. They know it’s going to be a headbanger, but Ed is conflicted. He doesn’t know who to call down, but Kyle inevitably gets picked by Ed for a game of Pole Wrestle. Best 2 out of 3 wins. Immediately, people recognize Ed’s mistake because Kyle has a history of success in Pole Wrestle. During the first round, power shifts back and forth. Eventually, Ed is on his feet and moving Kyle up and down like a plunger. Still, Kyle persists. His strategy is to exhaust Ed, and it eventually works. Kyle snags the pole away from Ed. The second heat follows a similar course of action, but both men are tired. Eventually, Kyle gets Ed on his stomach and twists his arms. Kyle gets the pole and wins the elimination.

Kyle has the chance to switch teams, and he jumps on the sapphire team. He replaces Nelson, and now Nelson is on the ruby team.

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