Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 13

The most important moments on Episode 13 of Spies Lies & Allies

Amanda’s on the ruby team, but she’s no gem.

1. Untangled

The cast rolls into the bay for their next mission: Sunken Intelligence. An enemy ship has sunk and there are three diamonds in the wreckage. Teams need to untangle 150 ft. of rope, drag a chest to shore, and place their diamond on a podium: fastest team wins. Emerald team goes first, and they have the most people, but the rope is heavy and they don’t have a lot of strategic masterminds on the team. It takes them a long time to untangle the rope, but they eventually get it done. Then, the chest breaks off the rope and they need to dive underwater to retrieve the chest. Second, the sapphire team goes. Emy has no idea what she’s doing, but she is able to follow CT’s orders. Then, Kyle pulls the rope in the wrong direction and Ashley yells at him. Eventually, they pull the chest to shore, but it was a struggle. Finally, ruby competes. The boys are taking the game seriously, but Amanda is standing on the body mimicking scenes from Titanic. Despite this, they untagle the rope and get the chest to shore in a decent time. Somehow, the emerald team has the fastest time again and wins safety.

2. Tearstanic

The ruby team has a team meeting to discuss Amanda’s performance. Amanda claims she asked Cory and Nelson for direction and she got nothing. While Big T knows that Amanda wasn’t the greatest competitor, Nelson was emotional. Together, Nelson and Cory yell at Amanda because she performed poorly. Of course, Amanda isn’t hearing it. She knows the ruby team was losing before she was part of the team. It’s not like she was going to be the hero that turns them into a success story.

3. Ruby Retaliation

The Agency meets and tosses out names. Logan seems like the easiest choice, but Josh doesn’t want to call out his friend. He suggests Cory, but Tori toys with the idea of sending down CT. At deliberation, the floor is open to all the guys. CT asks to remain in the house because she’s a peacekeeper, and Nelson claims he’ll stick to team ruby if he returns. Logan also says he’ll stick with them ruby if he wins, and Cory is the only person who gives the emerald team any sense of uncertainty. So it might not be a surprise when Cory’s name is selected by The Agency to go into The Lair.

4. Cory’s Big Bet

After elimination, Cory is mad. He claims he’s going to go into elimination, switch to the ruby team, then throw the next challenge. This will allow him to go into the next elimination and face Josh or Devin. While Devin thinks Cory is being irrational, he also confesses that he’s wanted to vote in Logan. Josh is the one giving push-back and Cory confronts Josh. He says that Josh came into the game with two allies: Fessy and himself. He betrayed both of them, all for the sake of protecting a rookie. Josh claims the Cory is looking for an argument, but Cory claims he’s spitting facts.

5. Burning Revenge

In The Lair, Cory takes the chance to thank Nelson for all of his help in the game. Nelly T. is safe this week. Of course, Cory knows Josh is protecting the rookie, so he’s calling down Logan. They’re playing the game Rope Burn, and competitors are shaking a rope while standing on top of a cage. To score a point, get the rope out of your opponent’s hands or get your opponent off his cage. Score two points and you win. Of course, the rope is on fire because why not? In the first heat, Cory tries to get Logan to tire out. On the other side, Logan uses strategy. He waits for Cory to attack. After this, he takes advantage of Cory’s instability and tries to get him to fall. Cory stumbles a few times, but Logan eventually knocks him off his platform. Both men return to the second heat exhausted. They pull, but they also take breaks. Cory pauses to rest his hand, and a burst of energy comes over Logan. He pulls Cory off the platform and wins.

Logan promised he’d stick to the ruby team if he won, but now that he’s won he decided to switch teams. For some reason, he won’t go onto the emerald team so he goes to the sapphire team and takes Kyle’s spot. Logan is on the sapphire team and Kyle is on team ruby.

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