Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Amanda Switched to the Emerald Team. Whose Game is Ruined?

At the end of episode 14, Amanda finally infiltrated the emerald team. As a result, Tori is on the ruby team feeling expendable. Meanwhile, Josh’s game has been exposed.

First up, we have the devil herself: Amanda. She turned herself into a huge target by inserting herself onto the emerald team. While this means her teammates won’t particularly like her, it also means she will be safe when they win.

Let’s be honest, Amanda was in a pretty shitty spot before going into The Lair. Ashley is out of the game and the ruby team wasn’t going to offer her any safety. Amanda established herself as wild card in the game and a vindictive player. Will think make her safe? Probably not, but it will make people twice before voting her into The Lair. The fact that there’s any hesitation surrounding her in an improvement from her prior position.

Then, we have Tori. Her position in the game seems to have plummeted. Going into this episode she seemed like a valuable member on the emerald team. A lot of people wanted to work with her early in the game, and she spent weeks winning with the emerald team. Yet Josh would rather have Kaycee and Nany on his team than Tori and that encouraged Amanda to steal Tori’s spot.

Tori will need to fight harder than before as a part of the ruby team. The team is on a losing streak, and Big T has returned to their roster. So, she’s on the losing team and she knows people on the emerald team are willing to sacrifice her. If the emerald team wins, there’s a good chance Tori will find herself in elimination. They will try to avoid her backlash and get rid of her when they have immunity.

Finally, we have Josh. He’s involved in this mess because he encouraged Amanda to steal Tori’s spot on the emerald team. While he didn’t immediately offer her up, he did confess that he’d rather have Kaycee and Nany by his side in the final.

While this might make Josh a target for Tori, it ultimately solidifies his spot on the emerald team. Kaycee and Nany know where his loyalties lie, and they’d rather keep him around than a rookie like Emmanuel.

While Amanda’s game is still in jeopardy, she did make herself seem like a bigger threat this week. She boosted her value at the expense of Tori, and now Tori’s spot in the final is at risk.

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