Challenge: All Stars 2

The Challenge All Stars 2: Episode 5 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 5 of All Stars 2 make sense.

All Stars 2 is back for another episode. Here, I will discuss the old-school moments that will influence the episode. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

1. Challenge Kings

The episode opens with the “three kings” alliance, made up of Nehemiah, Teck, and Laterrian. They also have two allies: Melinda and Steve. Clearly Melinda is in the alliance due to her friendship with Nehemiah. Meanwhile, Steve gets lumped in because he hasn’t done a show in so long and has no one else. LT might want to work with Steve thanks to their team on The Gauntlet.

2. Mean Girl Tina

Casey comes to Tina and talks about the growth she’s seen. In the old days, Casey knew Tina as a “mean girl.” Tina admits to her growth, and it’s hard to blame Casey. They were on Fresh Meat and The Duel together. Casey watched Tina tell Diem to take her “anorexic ass” (the flashback censors “anorexic”) out of her face, then watched Tina punch Beth.

3. The Bouncing Game

The challenge is called Bounce Back and it’s individual. Competitors need to bounce on trampolines, collect puzzle pieces, and solve a math puzzle. We’ve seen trampolines before, like in Inferno 3’s Leaps and Bounds, but never in an individual game. The math component is similar to the type of mission we’d see on Spies, Lies and Allies… a bit too close for comfort.

4. Knocked Out

During the mission, Melinda falls into the water, smacks her head, and is taken away by medics. A head injury sent her to a Mexican hospital before after Push It on The Gauntlet 3 when she was smacked by a plank of wood.

5. Lifeshaver

Jodi and Darrell nominate Tyler, Teck, Ayanna, and Tina. However, the intent was for Ayanna to use her Lifeshield and nominate Casey. They’re worried Ayanna will use the Lifeshield to save Teck, so they need to flush her Lifeshield. Ayanna does save herself, but she’s not happy about it. Ultimately, Jodi’s moves were personal. Tina nominated her into the second elimination and Casey sent Derrick into the third. Of course, Tina sent Jodi in because of their Inferno 2 “switcher-roo” and Derrick is her Road Rules cast member.

6. Lights Out

The elimination is called Switchback, and it’s a race to turn off all of your opponent’s lights. The setup is akin to T-Bone from Rivals without the ramp, and Teck and Steve do have some collisions.

7. Hello, Goodbye

Teck beats Steve in Switchback and says “aloha” to Steve which means hello and goodbye. Of course Teck knows this, his Real World season was in Hawaii.

8. A Quit’s A Win

Tina stands in the middle of the Arena and quits. She hands Melinda her first elimination win, and it’s not the way Melinda wanted to win. After four losses and zero wins, Melinda has a notoriously bad record.

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