Challenge: All Stars 2

The Challenge All Stars 2: Episode 8 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 8 of All Stars 2 make sense.

No Lifeshield in play, so everyone needs to be careful. Here, I will discuss the old-school moments that influenced episode 8. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

1. The Perfect Pairing

Jonna compliments MJ for being the perfect partner. He said he’d be an ally and he’s proven it all season. She claims she’s never had a great partner in the past, and we obviously get a flashback to Zach on Exes 2. She’s also had Jasmine and Nany in the past, but neither of them complimented her well. MJ brings physical strength, and he says Jonna is a political mastermind.

2. Swimming Skills

The mission is called Dive & Conquer and it’s akin to Logged Out from Battle of the Seasons and Don’t Forget About Me from Exes 2. Cast members need to jump into a cenote, memorize a puzzle, and reproduce it on a puzzle board. It’s an exhausting race to run laps and see the answer key. Of course, Jonna played both similar games and she has a strategy. Memorize one color at a time, accept the fact that she’ll be running laps, and get it done. This works, because she wins with MJ.

3. Friends Til the Almost End

At deliberation, Jonna feels the final is approaching. She toys with the idea of sending in Brad & Jodi or Darrell & Janelle. Those are the strongest teams, and this is their chance to remove one from the game. But MJ discourages the move because there are too many people on the other alliance. But historically, we have seen more people running in the finals. The last season of All Stars had six teams in there, so Jonna has reasons to be skeptical.

4. Greek Saladtage

In the episode, Ayanna finds herself cleaning the house because other cast members leave it like a “college dorm.” Ironically, her Road Rules season was a Semester at Sea and she lived in a college dorm. While cleaning, she threw away Jodi’s Greek salad. At deliberation, she reveals she ate the salad in a Godfather-esque confession. Jodi finds it weird, but most of the cast is laughing.

5. Sand Storm

The elimination is called Like Clockwork, and it’s fairly unique. Jasmine & LT face Nehemiah & Melinda. One player is in a glass cage and needs to communicate a series of gears to their partner. In the cage, there are multiple codes and sand falls as time progresses, covering the codes. Jasmine & LT lose, but Nehemiah & Melinda win and get the last lifeshield. This means they’re in the final, and the rest of the cast knows there’s only one more challenge before the final.

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