Challenge: Ride or Dies

Cara Maria Teases Return to Challenge?

Could Cara Maria come back to The Challenge?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news about season 38 of the Challenge (any news), but Cara Maria has been entertaining fan questions on Instagram.

It’s possible that she’s just sick of the direction The Challenge has taken. A lot of veterans feel unwelcome, and the rookies are cycled in and out of the show. This doesn’t make an engaging show. This response could mean one of two things:

Possibly, she’s just renouncing the show. She hasn’t been on the past three seasons, and this could confirm why she’s taking time away. It could also mean she’s still invested in the show. She sees what’s happening, and she wants to make a change.

Cara has also talked about the fake drama on the show. She says all of the modern veterans hang out off the show. Their drama is fake, and manufactured for relevancy and camera time. She’s teased the she could break the status quo.

Of course, on War of the World 2 she was working with a major alliance. It’s had to believe she’d truly take issue with these big alliances and friendships when she maintained one that season.

But on seasons with one winner, when push came to shove, we know Cara Maria would fight to win. So she’d be a welcome addition to make the season less predictable.


  1. Please bring Cara back. She is one of the competitive players to date. She does not put up with the bullshit that people who like to give her. I like strong women who stand up!!!

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