Real World San Diego

Robin Hibbard Battling With Addiction; Fans Sending Support

The Real World San Diego Alumna is dealing with homelessness and battling addiction.

Recently, The Ashley’s Reality Round-Up posted an article discussing Robin’s battle with addiction and home insecurity. This discussion came to light after Johnny Bananas interviewed Mark Long on his Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast.

On the podcast, Bananas referenced Robin’s behavior on The Challenge, implying she was “crazy.” I’m choosing to give Bananas the benefit of the doubt here and assume he didn’t know Robin’s current situation. On her Challenge seasons, people called her crazy simply because she wasn’t super social and got emotional being away from her young children.

Mark then chimed in, mostly because he didn’t want Bananas to contribute to the struggle she’s currently enduring. He’s also been getting messaged about his “ex,” so he wanted to address the questions. He revealed she’s currently homeless in Tampa and battling addiction.

Sites online have found her Facebook accounts, and she’s been asking for help. While some people are quick to blame her, other people claim they’ve tried to help and she’s ignored the offers. Most recently, someone offered to give her shelter and it seems she did accept.

Based on court reports, it appears Robin’s parents have been granted custody of her children.

Mark also stated cast members have reached out to Robin, including Jisela Delgado, but Robin has not accepted the support. Apparently, BMP has also offered to help her work toward sobriety but she declined that offer.

Since the news has broken, fans have given Robin an outcry of support. Many people have dealt with similar struggles and are rooting for her recovery and safety. She clearly has fans out there, and there are thousands of people who want her to succeed.

This is a really heartbreaking story, and I wouldn’t have shared it if it wasn’t being spoken about publicly. I am hopeful she will accept help and recover from this struggle. People find themselves in hard situations, but her battle isn’t over. Robin has a good shot at recovery, and it’s clear she has a support system from family and fans (myself included).

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