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Mark Long Joins the Cast of Worst Cooks in America: That’s So 90s

Mark Long heads to the Food Network, because why not?

It seems like the early 00s are making a coming back, but the Food Network is stuck in the 90s. Regardless of the decade, Mark Long fits the theme. Now, he will be joining Food Network and Discovery+’s new show Worst Cooks in America: That’s So 90s

Mark joins stars from the 90s such as: Lori Beth Denberg, Jodie Sweetin, Matthew Lawrence, Elisa Donovan, Tracey Gold, Jennie Kwan, Nicholle Tom, and Curtis Williams. After years on reality TV, we know Mark can eat some nasty things, but this is a whole new challenge. Can he cook things, and can he actually make them tasty?

From the looks of it, Mark did bring one thing from The Challenge onto his new role: his trusty bandana.

The winner of the show will earn $25,000 for charity. And you never know, he could win. Mark has been pretty good in almost every challenge he’s ever competed in. In fact, MTV seems to give Food Network some good competitors. Johnny Bananas was the runner-up on Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition 6, and like Mark, he had to face a Full House actor.

Bananas beat Dave Coulier. Can Mark beat Jodie Sweetin?

The show debuts on April 24th at 9 PM. It’s nice to have a date to look forward to… still waiting for All Stars 3 to be announced.


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