Real World

Real Word New Orleans Coming to Paramount+

The original New Orleans Real World season is coming to Paramount+ on April 13.

Real World: New Orleans, the original season, will be coming to Paramount+ in a week. After years of waiting, a long-lost Real World season can legally be streamed.

This narrows down the list of seasons we can’t stream, but it gives us hope that we’ll eventually see them.

Which seasons are we still waiting on? Paramount+ is missing: Miami, Boston, Seattle, Hawaii, Back to New York, Chicago, Sydney, Cancun, and Las Vegas (2011).

But if we want to see these seasons (legally), all we need to do is have the original cast reunite. Or we could try begging Paramount, which hasn’t worked yet.

If you haven’t seen the original New Orleans, it’s one of the better seasons. It’s been sitting in hibernation for a long time, and I’m ready for a rewatch.

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