The Challenge

Brandon Nelson Reveals Secrets About The Challenge

Brandon's back to spill some tea.

Recently, Brandon Nelson did an interview with Business Insider and he talked about some of the behind-the-scenes facts from the show.

Spoiler alert: I knew all of these things.

Many of the things he mentioned had to do with the casting process and the payment. Producers make prospects go through a lot of interviews and they learn a lot about the potential cast members. He also didn’t get paid much for being on the show, but he did quit his job for the opportunity.

Overall, the interview comes across as very positive, which isn’t too surprising. Brandon is a generally likable person, and he seems to enjoy his time on the show. He says that being able to travel is a major perk, and he’s grateful he got to do it five times.

The funny thing about the interview: Business Insider only lists his appearances on Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, Rivals, and Free Agents. Yet, they include the bit about him traveling five times. This is because he traveled to Mexico as an alternate for All Stars 2.

Sadly, Brandon forgot to mention his biggest benefit of being on the show, meeting Danny Jamieson.

Since you actually read this article, here’s a behind-the-scenes fact you might not know. TJ used to love testing the challenges before the cast did them, but he stopped after he had his biking accident (so, after Cutthroat). One of his favorites was Airheads from Fresh Meat 2, though I bet he didn’t enjoy the puzzle too much.

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