Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 10 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 10 of All Stars 3 make sense.

Then end is here. Now, we’re looking at the old-school moments to make episode 10 of All Stars 3 make sense; you can head to Paramount+ to stream the full episode.

1. The King’s Hill

After the kayaking, the finalists play a game of King of the Hill, essentially, they need to push their opponent off a floating platform. And TJ recognizes the game from The Gauntlet 2. It was the first competition he ever hosted, but that time it was for the team captain position, not points in a final. Mark should know, he was there too.

2. Sandbagging

The next game required teams to bring sand to the beach. Sandbags have been a staple of finals, like on Rivals 2 and Fresh Meat.

3. Floating On

The overnight portion is quite restful. The cast has a yacht for dinner and to sleep on rather than a grueling outdoor portion. You might not know it, but this is what happened on Rivals 2. The cast had fun on a super yacht after the first day, but of course, it was preceded by a purge.

4. Down With the Sickness

Some cast members are getting seasick on the yacht, and they’re worried it’s going to impact their ability to win. That might not be true. In the Rivals final, sickness cost Jenn the game, but Tyler was able to push through and win.

5. Stars Down

Oh no, there are only six spots for the second day. Much like Rivals 2, someone is getting purged, but it’s more like the eliminations we’ve seen on Total Madness and Spies, Lies and Allies. Kellyanne is facing Kailah and Brad is facing Mark. The other four are safe because they have the most stars for their gender. In the end, Kailah and Brad win.

6. Chow Down

The competitors get to an eating portion, which is fairly standard in a final. Wes is familiar with it from Rivals 1 and 2, but some people have avoided it. Brad didn’t have to eat during The Duel, Duel 2, or Cutthroat nor did Kailah have to on Vendettas. But the goal is a bit different this time around. Competitors have to eat two pounds, not clear plates.

7. Duel Over

Once again, Wes takes a lead, but puzzles are slowing him down. At one point, he sees Brad coming toward him and he gets deja Duel.

8. Winners’ Yacht

The final stage is to grab a surfboard and swim to the yacht. Wes gets there first, securing his third win. Last time he won, it was on a yacht on Rivals 2. Meanwhile, Jonna wins again, making her a rare back to back winner.

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