Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 7

Who's running the game on episode 7 of The Challenge USA?

Survivor players are at each other’s necks, but there are still Big Brother players left to implode. Check out the full episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the seventh episode of the new series.

10. Ben Driebergen

Sarah manages to cause the drama again this week. Meanwhile, Ben is trying to secure a victory. He comes in third, despite being a racer, but loses due to a Dukes of Hazard style wreck.

9. Kyra Green

Kyra’s made it this far in the game without getting the money to run TJ’s final. So she’s paired with Kyland, manages to get sent into elimination, and she loses. If she was going to win something, she was in a decent position this week, and it didn’t happen.

8. Angela Rummans

With Domenick and Cayla in power, Angela knows her ass is on the line. She’s part of the “three-headed beast,” an alliance with Tyson and Kyland, and she’s sweating a little bit. She hadn’t talked game with Cayla, and she sent Domenick into The Arena, so she gives them both a solid deal. If she wins, and Cayla and Dom are paired with competitors who want to go into elimination for money to run the final, she won’t send that pair in to preserve Cayla and Dom. Apparently, this works, because she’s safe.

7. Sarah Lacina

The algorithm has finally paired Sarah and Tyson, but Sarah isn’t really ready to let bygones be bygones. She claims she’s going to let Tyson sweat a little bit because she doesn’t have the money to run the final. She asks Domenick to entertain the idea of sending her into elimination with Tyson, but nothing comes of it.

6. Tyson Apostol

The algorithm paired Tyson with Sarah, but we don’t see a huge falling out. Sarah made Tyson squirm a little bit, but we also get some insights into their relationship. Firstly, Tyson wants to bury the hatchet (Sarah doesn’t). We also see that Tyson doesn’t really want Sarah to get the money to run the final — at least he won’t help in that process. That’s one strategy to keep her from advancing in the game.

5. Cayla Platt

Cayla is a sneaky player, and a bit pettier than she’s been given credit for. This week, she gave great directions during the challenge and won for the first time. She used her power to make a bigger move and make a deal with Angela. Ultimately, Kyland was sent into elimination. One of the reasons? He won’t talk game with Cayla.

4. Leo Temory

Leo packs his bags. He’s about to head home due to “an emergency” (his employees don’t know how to use credit cards), Alyssa freaks out, and asks him to stay. He does, and he puts a lot of effort into the challenge but comes in last in Wreck-Reational Driving. Despite this, he remains in Alyssa’s good graces. They win in The Arena, and now he’s back into the game with ample money and more opportunities to talk about cats.

3. Kyland Young

This week, we saw the beginning and end of an alliance with Tyson, Angela, and Kyland. They seemed to be like a strong trio, but they had a bigger target. This was realized when Domenick singled out Kyland and sent him into elimination to break up the three (and Big Brother’s dwindling numbers). Now, one of the biggest names on the show has gone home.

2. Domenick Abbate

Dom has spent a lot of time this season flying under the radar. This week, he was forced to play. After winning Wreck-Reational Driving, he takes the opportunity to make a move and sent Kyland into elimination. This ultimately pays off, but we also see Sarah crawling to him to make Tyson shake. Again, Dom (kinda) complies. It seems possible that he’ll be a more powerful player moving forward.

1. Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa’s worst fear becomes a reality: She’s paired with Leo. Despite a last-place finish in Wreck-Reational Driving, Leo puts in a solid effort… enough to appease Alyssa. Then, the duo won in Ball & Chain. But we need to give Alyssa big props this week. Despite coming in seventh on Big Brother 23, she has outlasted every one of her roommates on The Challenge: USA.

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