Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 8

Who's running the game on episode 8 of The Challenge USA?

The algorithm has expired, but the game is still in motion. Check out the full episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the eighth episode of the new series.

10. Cayla Platt

Despite an abysmal performance in the challenge, Cayla is the last Amazing Race Competitor in the game. She has her money for the final, but she also wears a huge target on her back.

9. Domenick Abbate

Domenick has money for the final, but he’s starting to be in an uncomfortable spot. He helps Angela during Having a Blast by spraying the soap off her surface, a clear sign that he’s willing to work with her. But, given Angela’s proposed deal, this might be in his best interest.

8. Danny McCray

We’re reaching a point in the game where you need money for the final, or you’re squirming. Danny falls into the latter category, so he needs money for his well-being. If he doesn’t get to the final, his wife Kiki will kill him.

7. Alyssa Lopez

Though she didn’t say a lot in this episode, Alyssa plays an important role in Angela’s plan. They’re not even closely aligned, but Angela sees Alyssa’s potential and wants to keep her around so they can work more closely together.

6. Tyson Apostol

Tyson doesn’t get another win, but he’s still the center of gameplay. His closest ally, Angela, has power, and is trying to make a deal that will keep all the Survivor men safe (including himself). He doesn’t even need to say a peep and he’s making moves.

5. Enzo Palumbo

Enzo’s episode is full of bad luck. He busts his leg open during the challenge, needs stitches, and comes in last. Ben and Enzo seem to care about his wellbeing, so he gets to face Leo in The Arena. Fortunately, he is able to defeat Leo (even with a hurt leg) and now has enough money to run the final.

4. Leo Temory

After an Arena win, Leo comes back as a new competitor. He zips through the Having a Blast challenge and is a contender to win. But, Ben gets the win and decides to vote him into Hall Brawl. His performance exceeds expectations, but the outcome is exactly what we expected.

3. Sarah Lacina

Sarah enters this episode without enough money to run TJ’s final, and while she talks a big game about taking someone out in The Arena, her efforts are focused on winning a daily challenge. Later in the episode, she toys with the idea of volunteering herself to go against Enzo claiming she’s not scared of anything (even though she’s only willing because Enzo has stitches). She doesn’t get her way, because Angela won’t give her what she wants and it’s a blatant rule violation.

2. Ben Driebergen

Ben finally gets his win, and apparently, it’s on a special day. He was in the military, and the challenge occurred on the anniversary of one of his fellow troop’s death. Now he has the money to run TJ’s final, but he also gets placed in an uncomfortable position because Angela wants to make a deal with him. He seems to be on board, but he doesn’t like the feeling of not looking out for his Survivor girls. Regardless, he sends Leo into The Arena, so he’s upholding his end of the bargain so far.

1. Angela Rummins

Angela earns the title of Tyson’s favorite ally ever, and she helps him out as best as she can in Having a Blast. He returns the favor, allowing her to win for the women. Now, Angela is trying to make a deal to keep herself safe. Essentially, she and Alyssa will look out for the Survivor men if they win, and in return, the Survivor guys will need to look out for the Big Brother girls. She’s looking toward the future, but clearly, her vision doesn’t include Sarah. She keeps Sarah out of The Arena, meaning Sarah still doesn’t have money for the final.

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