The Challenge

Paulie Think Laurel Is the Challenge GOAT?

Paulie think Laurel is the best?

To promote the Challenge documentary the official Challenge Twitter released a clip. Here, we see numerous competitors naming their Challenge GOATs, and we get a lot of names we’d expect like Bananas, CT, and Laurel.

But Paulie’s in this montage, and we hear him say Laurel?

So what’s going on here?

Well, this is most likely just an edit. Notice how we just hear one name come out of Paulie’s mouth without context. So, if Paulie says that it’s an editing choice (which he seems to have implied), I would believe him. His response is so quick I almost didn’t hear it correctly, and no one else has such a brief comment.

But, if he did say Laurel, would it really be so wrong? She is a dominant competitor, and Laurel was friends with Cara Maria for a while. Perhaps they’ve rekindled that friendship or agreed to let bygones be bygones. I know Paulie targeted Laurel on War of the Worlds 2, but she had a target on her back for a reason. She’s a powerful player, and he likely knew he’d need to take any and every chance he had to get her out of the game.

Cara also responded to this on Instagram and addressed commentary stating that Paulie shouldn’t be on this documentary.

It is true that Paulie doesn’t have as much history as some people who have appeared on The Challenge, but the documentary isn’t just about the early days (as much as I wish it was). In the trailer, we see Tori say “if you think it’s not gonna grow, you’re not paying attention to how far it’s come.” Clearly, we’re going to have some people who represent pivotal changes in the franchise’s history. We have some people from Are You the One? and some Fresh Meat. It’s surprising that we only see Paulie representing Big Brother, but we were bound to have someone.

Like it or not, he’s part of Challenge history, whether we see him in the future or he stays in the past.

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