Challenge: Ride or Dies

Why Is Turbo Back on Ride or Dies?

On War of the Worlds 2, we watched Turbo get pulled off the show after arguing with Jordan and pushing through production. Apparently, he was much more violent than we saw on TV, and it took multiple producers to hold him back.

Clearly, his strength is no joke. Beyond the WotW2 incident, he was the sole winner on War of the Worlds, debatably the toughest final in Challenge history. But he was believed to be banned from the show due to his aggression toward production.

Well, there isn’t a super clear reason, but it’s pretty easy to speculate. Most notably, this season was supposed to give the show a boost and take a step away from the rookie-heavy casting that was on Spies, Lies and Allies. Some of the anticipated partnerships didn’t work out, but we do have people like Laurel, Bananas, and Jordan on the season. Given the fact that every veteran in Spies, Lies and Allies (other than Amanda) did Double Agents, this season was successful with its variety.

And, Turbo is a very competitive Challenger. There’s no doubt that other players will fear him, but his story is also unfinished. He left WotW2 early, so technically he’s undefeated on The Challenge. In fact, he’s never even been in an elimination. So he’s a very interesting wildcard on the show.

Most likely, he’s back because it’s been three seasons without him. He got his punishment for WotW2, and he’s still interested in the show. If he’s remorseful, this is his time to show it.

Of course, Jordan is on the cast too. So, if Turbo is going to snap, we’ll find out early. But there’s no doubt it will be an interesting story.

There are very few people who cause a stir on the show simply by showing up. Turbo is one of those people, and if production is trying to create buzz this season, he’s going to cause it. If people are going to get unbanned, the perceived benefit of casting the will need to outweigh the risk. After the ratings on Spies, Lies and Allies, production likely feels they can take the risk with Turbo. After all, he never did anything to an actual cast member.

And from the sounds of it, he’s definitely going to make a splash on Ride or Dies. So, we’ll see how his return works out.

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