Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 6

The top moments from episode 6 of Ride or Dies

Laurel’s back. Will she get her revenge?

Different Differences

Jordan talks about how he was different growing up because he only had one hand. And this motivated him to propel forward and he may have overcompensated at times. In an odd display, Aneesa relates to being different because she’s Black and Jewish. Neither of those things are disabilities, but Aneesa has her moment.

An Awkward Return

After winning elimination, Jakk and Laurel come back to different awkward situations. Jakk is trying to deal with Jay after the betrayal, but Laurel is feeling a different type of hurt. She moved out of her bedroom with Horacio because he was talking to a girl at home, and that’s the person he wants to pursue. Laurel doesn’t want to get hurt, so she turns off her emotions to protect herself, and their communication is pretty much nonexistent at this point.

Scrambling Teams

The challenge is called Down the Line, and it’s a race and a puzzle. One partner has to dig up a bag of puzzle pieces and runs to a zipline crank. Then, teammate #2 continues digging up a second bag of puzzle pieces while the first person cranks as much as they can. This will allow the second person to zipline farther so they can reduce the length of their swim. Once both teammates are together and they have all their pieces, they need to solve a word puzzle to clock their times. In the first heat, Moriah is the first person to get to her crank, but Devin & Tori are the first team to get to their puzzle board. But, it’s a word puzzle and people struggle the put the words together. Jay & Michele come from behind and figure out all of the words because Jay is the only one to put “amigo” on the board. In the second heat, Horacio & Olivia finish first, while Kaycee barely even gets to the board. In the end, Jay & Michele get their second victory in a row.

Deal or No Deal

Jay & Michele are struggling, because they’ve made a lot of deals. Michele made a one day deal with Devin, and she won, so she doesn’t want to say his name. Then, Jordan & Aneesa tell the Survivor duo that they’re willing to work together, but if they’re nominated for a second time, they’re going to have to view Jay & Michele and enemies. But, Laurel & Jakk, Jordan & Aneesa, Kaycee & Kenny, and Nany & Bananas all get nominated. Really, Jay & Michele want Nany and Kaycee to save each other because they want Laurel out of the game and they need a big team to take her out. While Kaycee and Nany are mad seeing each other’s names on the board, Laurel tries to extend an olive branch and talks about working together moving forward. Then, Jordan calls Jay a liar and shady, but Jay denies lying to any teams, prompting him to be angry with Jordan.

Jumping Beds

Laurel realizes she needs to move on from Horacio, so she gives herself permission to explore something new. So, into Faysal’s bed she goes…

Playing With Emotions

At the zone, Jay & Michele decide to send down Aneesa & Jordan because Jordan was so emotional at interrogation. So, this leaves the other teams to draw daggers, and Nany immediately pulls the safe dagger. Predictably, she keeps Kaycee safe, meaning Laurel & Jakk will face Aneesa & Jordan in In Your Face.

Saving Face

The elimination is a variation of dodgeball. Behind the players are boards with their faces on them, and the goal is to protect your team’s 10 pictures. But, before they can throw balls, they need to transfer bricks. Jordan & Aneesa manage to carry four bricks at a time, and they get a head start. But, Laurel & Jakk get to throwing balls soon. Jordan is throwing with accuracy and Aneesa is doing a great job blocking. Meanwhile, Jakk’s a decent blocker but Laurel isn’t hitting many targets. Jordan wins for his team, and Laurel only scored a couple points.

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