Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 8

The top moments from episode 8 of Ride or Dies

Numbers are dwindling, and it’s not in the veterans’ favor.

Seven Wins, Four Decades

It’s Bananas’s 40th birthday! The cast celebrates by throwing pillows at him and smashing a cake in his face. Does this mean anything? No — he’ll still show up to compete and start high school-level drama.

Moving Ahead

It’s challenge time, and we’re greeted with a modern staple of the show: the moving car competition. The game is called Double Trouble, and the goal is to hand your partner four keys. To do this, one player much jump across a series of moving cars to retrieve the keys (one at a time) from their partner, who’s sitting in the front vehicle doing next-to-nothing. The heat starts with the rookies, but Horacio stumbles and falls off the cars multiple times. Afterwards, we get a collection of fast movers, led by Jay & Michele, until we see Nelson and Kenny drop keys. Then, we see more people blitz through the game like Devin, Bananas, and Jordan. But the fastest competitor of them all was Jordan, who secures the win for himself and Aneesa.

Easy Decisions

At deliberation, Jordan & Aneesa quickly nominate Jay & Michele, Horacio & Olivia, and Nelson & Nurys. For the fourth nominee, they’re torn between Faysal & Moriah and Amber & Chauncey. Ultimately, they pick Faysal & Moriah because they’re bigger threats. All of the conversations were civil, though Michele entertained the idea of making an alliance if she’s not thrown directly into The Zone. Faysal was surprised to be nominated, because Aneesa was “off the table” when he won, and Nelson is unsure who he’d save if he had to choose between Olivia or Faysal.

Taking the Second Shot

After getting nominated, Faysal feels a weight lifted off his shoulders. He was protecting Aneesa out of courtesy, because they’ve worked together in the past. Now, he doesn’t need to keep her safe. When he wins, she’s got a target on her back and he’s not afraid to take a shot. But until he survives nominations, he’s going to play Aneesa’s game and let her think everything is cool.

Thinking With Your Dagger

At The Zone, Jordan & Aneesa call Jay & Michelle directly into The Zone, which surprises no one. But at the draw, Horacio & Olivia and Faysal & Moriah pull blank daggers. So, this leaves Nelson to pick between his good friend Faysal (who betrayed him on Double Agents), or his budding romance Olivia (who’s never done him wrong). Of course, he saves Faysal, leaving Horacio & Olivia to face Jay & Michele in Spun Out.

Flipping the Game

This elimination puts one player inside a wheel to roll it back and forth like a hamster, and the other player is strapped to the back. They need to complete a pyramid puzzle that moves four pieces from one side to the other across three stations, but one piece can’t be stacked on top of a larger one. Jay claims he figured out the puzzle as soon as he saw it, and Olivia doesn’t grasp the rules immediately, but there’s a twist: the audience can get loud. So, they scream directions for Horacio & Olivia and scream so loud Jay & Michele can’t communicate. This derails Jay & Michele’s game, and allows Horacio & Olivia to win.

Then, TJ says another twist is coming… but at the next challenge.

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