Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 9

The top moments from episode 9 of Ride or Dies

TJ teased a twists. What tricks are up his sleeve?

Old Flames and New Sparks

Early into the episode, we see Tori and Jordan wrestle together — an awkward activity, but a clear indication that their relationship is friendly. Tori admits her mind wanders and she wonders if she could rekindle things, but Jordan makes it clear that a friendship doesn’t mean there’s a romantic relationship. But, there’s another woman. Nurys has been catching flirty eyes from Jordan, and she’s kind of interested, but she doesn’t want to pursue anything when she knows she’s hurting someone else in the house. However, when the lights go out, Nurys finds her way to Jordan’s bed.

The Long Haul

The cast shows up for Haul or Nothing, and it’s the mini-final. It’s a 6-mile course with multiple checkpoints and teams will have to haul a heavy plank the whole time. It starts with a sprint, and Aneesa immediately falls behind. Then, teams get to the first checkpoint and are given three barrels. Using their plank, competitors need to navigate across a field and not touch the ground. Bananas & Nany touch the ground quickly because they have the wrong strategy, then Jordan and Aneesa touch and fall behind again. Nelson & Nurys finish first with Faysal & Moriah close behind. Teams are then given weighted sandbags to carry upon completion and begin their next sprints.

Brain Blocks

The second check point is a sled pull, but before competitors start pulling they sabotage other teams by giving them the sandbags they just hauled. Nelson & Nurys get there first with Faysal & Moriah close behind, and both teams give away all of their bags without receiving any. Once the sled is across a field, teams need to solve a block puzzle that positions shapes so they’re no repetition on the same level or in the same column. This is where Nelson & Nurys lose their lead and Faysal & Moriah exit first followed by Devin & Tori. After this, teams run to retrieve six tires with cities printed in them, and use their plank to transport them.

Tired of Your Teammate

The third check point requires teams to thrown their tires over an obstacle course, then stack them in geographical order from south to north. Faysal & Moriah get there, and figure out the order. Moriah doesn’t know maps, but Faysal has DMed girls from all over the globe, so he knows where cities are. This helps them to get through the checkpoint quickly and sprint to the end. Once they cross the finish line, all other teams stop and they win power — lots of power. The Ride or Dies pairs are no more, and Faysal and Moriah are team captains.

Burned by the Past

The cast goes out, and when they get back Jordan and Nurys spend time together. Tori insists it’s all good. There’s a part of her that wants to get crazy, but she’s spent a lot of time processing the break up. The next morning, Jordan tries to talk to Tori, but this is when the emotions come up. Jordan is reminded of his final months in a relationship with Tori, because things are her way or the highway. But, he says he’s not trying to orchestrate a plan to get back at Tori… then he asks if she’s upset watching someone hook up with another person, alluding to Tori’s hook up with Fessy. She claims she apologized, and this is a lot to process, but they walk away with a strictly game relationship, nothing more.

New Squads

Most teams are sad to lose their partners, but now Faysal needs to find a way to stack his team. He tells Kaycee he plans to leave Moriah in the dark as a rookie with few relationships and no strategy, and when he gets to deliberation he tries to execute is plan. Keep in mind, Ride or Dies can’t be on the same team, so Faysal starts by taking Kaycee which gives Kenny to Moriah. Then, Moriah wants Jordan, giving Faysal Aneesa. But she wants Bananas too, so Faysal claims she can’t have both Bananas and Jordan. The two butt heads, but the final decision will be made at The Zone. TJ flips a coin, Faysal picks first, and the captains go back and forth.

Here are the final teams:
Faysal, Kaycee, Aneesa, Bananas, Chauncey, Nelson, Olivia, Tori
Moriah, Kenny, Jordan, Nany, Amber, Nurys, Horacio, Devin

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