Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 11

The top moments from episode 11 of Ride or Dies

Kaycee’s left without her ride or die. What’s going to happen?

Big Teams, Small Alliances

The cast gets back home, and Nany and Kaycee are grieving the loss of Kenny (and wondering about Kaycee’s future in the game), but Nelson is more worried. He didn’t know what was happening with his team’s vote until they showed up at The Zone. He knows there’s a team within his team, and he’s on the outer circle. But Nurys will always have his back, even though they’re not wearing the same color jersey.

Wheel of Misfortune

The Challenge is called Spin Class, and teams are harnessed into spinning wheels. TJ pulls a lever to spin the wheel and the competitor who it lands on will need to answer a trivia question. The first team to answer five questions correctly will win the challenge. Answer wrong? Your team is spinning for 30 seconds. It’s the green team (the one assembled by Moriah) against the orange team (the one assembled by Faysal). Devin gives the team a pep talk, but they don’t seem to know anything — Jordan can’t even spell Aneesa’s last name. At one point, the orange team has a three point lead, but Nurys and Moriah answer their trivia questions correctly, helping to close the gap. Apparently, Kaycee doesn’t know Adam and Eve, and the orange team starts to slip. The teams are tied 4-4, but Bananas wins for the orange team by answering a math question correctly.

Lovers and Mentors

The cast is scrambling, and they don’t know how the votes will fall. Nelson remains frustrated, but Nurys asks Jordan for advice. Jordan tells her that there’s no winning, but he doesn’t think she’ll be the direct vote. He also warns her that Tori is a “powder keg,” and Tori admits that it’s a sketchy situation. She sees a twinkle in Jordan’s eye when he looks at Nurys, and she remembers that look from when they first met.

All Questions, No Answers

At the interrogation, there’s no clear-cut option. But before the four girls come in for questioning, Nelson speaks up and claims he’s upset he was left in the dark last week. Aneesa says they can talk before The Zone, but Tori confesses it was because he’s coupled up with Olivia, and Horatio was going to be sent in. But, the four losing girls all go down and play dumb. No one wants to commit to anything, so the decision falls squarely on the winners’ hands. And of course, Nelson still feels out of the loop.

Cutting Deals

Before elimination, Nany and Amber talk. They promise to keep each other safe if they pull the safety dagger, but then Moriah crawls to Nany. She wants to make a similar deal, and Nany accepts despite her deal with Amber. If pressed, Nany wants to honor her commitment to Amber, but what was she supposed to say when Moriah approached her?

Girl Talk

Nurys talks to Tori, basically confirming she slept with Jordan. Tori is hurt, but appreciates the conversation and just wishes this didn’t happen in front of her face.

Keeping Secrets Safe

The cast gets to The Zone, and they see a rope ring and a ball with handles. They know it’s a banger, but they need to see who’ll be battling. All four losing girls receive votes, but five votes go to Nurys. At the dagger draw, Nany goes first and pulls a blank dagger. Then, Moriah pulls the safe dagger and she keeps Nany safe because she told Nany she’d keep her safe — and Nany’s lucky because she doesn’t need to go back on her word. So, Amber is facing Nurys in Pato Brawl.

Ball Wrestle

A pato is an Argentinian weapon with a bunch of handles, so basically, this elimination is Pole Wrestle. First person to win two rounds will emerge victorious. In the first heat, the girls last a while, and Jordan tells Nelson that Nurys needs to twist. So she does, but Amber is flexible and withstands the pulls. Eventually, Amber gets Nurys on the ground and crawls out with the ball in her hand. That’s one point for Amber. In the second round, Amber employs a similar strategy. She gets the pato again, and now she’s the winner.

But, Nurys is still in Argentina, and she’ll be hanging out with Kenny for the foreseeable future.

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