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Wes and Wife Expecting Their First Child

The next Challenge generation will be growing. On April 5, 2023, Wes announced that his wife is pregnant — the same day fans watched him get eliminated on The Challenge: World Championship.

Earlier in the season, Wes discussed how he was trying to grow his family. While he won’t be taking home the big prize this time around, he has accomplished that goal. On Twitter, Mr. Bergmann announced that a “baby ginger genius” is on the way.

The baby is expected to arrive in September, which might give him time to squeeze in one more Challenge before he assumes daddy duties. That is, unless he stays home to help his wife prep for the new arrival. But, based on the fact that he postponed his honeymoon to appear on War of the Worlds, he may not be able to ignore the allure of The Challenge.

This is great news for Wes, and an exciting step for his family’s future. Time will tell how this impacts his Challenge career, though it is very trendy for dads to appear on the show.

Could this be the end of his time on The Challenge? I doubt it, but if his career does end here, at least he ducked out on a happy note.

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