Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge World Championship: MVPs + LVPs from Episode 10

Which players have a good chance at dominating this Championship? And who's in the worst position on episode 10?

Six teams remain, and six puzzle pieces stand in their way of advancing

This is not a full summary. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.


5. Sarah: Points Break really wasn’t a competition that catered to Theo’s strength, but this partnership survived. Then, at deliberation, all four eligible teams reached a stalemate. And Sarah was in the clear because he’s good friends with Emily. After being in a compromising situation last week, this was her “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

4. Jordan: This week, we saw Jordan toying with the idea of sending himself straight into elimination. He didn’t, but his alliance is getting down to the nitty-gritty. Despite making an error in Points Break, he’s a strong competitor, and that can continue to be his saving grace.

3. Kaz: Jordan set a pretty aggressive pace during Points Break, and while Kaz is portrayed as the weak link, she kept up with Jordan pretty well and did the extra lap. She also convinced Jordan not to sacrifice himself directly into elimination, which is quite an accomplishment because he’s so stubborn.

2. Emily: Of course, Emily did great with the swim, but her victory required a bit more critical thinking. Then, she got all the power to send her nemesis Troy into The Arena. While she might have a new foe, she still has alliances in the game.

1. Yes: It’s no surprise Emily did well when swimming, so it was ultimately up to Yes to keep pace during Points Break. Fortunately, he couldn’t be caught by Jordan, and his puzzle skills gave him the victory. Plus, he made a deal with Jordan that could get him safety next week and send him to the final.


5. Kaycee: Being paired with Troy finally bit Kaycee in the ass, but there wasn’t much she could do to prevent this. The real dagger in her heart was the fact that Jordan and Tori promised to protect her, then they compromised on a stalemate. Ultimately, this didn’t protect Kaycee and Troy.

4. Troy: While many people have a lot of allies in the game, Troy is basically an island. Even though he won Breakthrough this week, it’s clear Emily will continue to target him. He’s paired with Kaycee, but when push comes to shove, Kaycee probably isn’t the top priority in her alliance.

3. Danny: Throughout this season, Danny has been fighting with Tori over her alliances. This almost got him sent into elimination this week, but ultimately, the stalemate saved him. However, Kaycee returned, so next week will be just as much of a struggle because all of Tory’s alliances remain in the game.

2. Darrell: It’s another season where a puzzle was Darrell’s undoing. He had a great partner this time, and the team’s biggest mistake was forgetting the subtractions in the equation during Breakthrough, and that’s all Darrell’s fault.

1. Kiki: It sucks to come in last, and Kiki was huffing and puffing throughout Points Break. But, the real insult came when Emily forced Kiki to face her friend Troy in Breakthrough. This resulted in Kiki heading home and it caused some serious animosity among the Australians.


  1. Jordan is by far the best to ever play this game. If you disagree, you don’t really watch. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wins his 4th title.

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