10 Challengers Who Should Come Back to Redeem Themselves

Some Challengers go out in the worst way despite a track record full of success. Occasionally, these Challengers never return to redeem their poor performance. Here’s a list of some of the Challengers who really ought to give The Challenge another shot because we know that have the potential to do well. 1. Coral Smith After a series of lies and betrayals Coral quit The … Continue reading 10 Challengers Who Should Come Back to Redeem Themselves

Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

Some Challengers bow out of the competition gracefully. Their last Challenge features a strong showing, usually with success and sometimes with a win. People like Susie, The Miz, Brad, Jillian, and Evelyn serve as prime examples of Challengers who went out gracefully. On the other hand we have some Challengers who left on a really, really bad note. These are the people who were once … Continue reading Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

Richest Losers

Competitors come onto the challenges with many goals in mind. Competition, love, friendships, drama, and most importantly money. While not everyone can become a challenge champion, that hasn’t stopped these competitors from accumulating a significant amount on money. Let’s check out the challengers who have won the most money without winning a final. $76,000- Laurel Laurel has accumulated more money than any other challenger without … Continue reading Richest Losers

The Villains of The Challenges

Everyone loves a good underdog story on The Challenge. Someone that is put down by other housemates and manages to rise above the conflict and obtain challenge success. Of course, these stories cannot exist without the villains that start fights within the house. Let’s look at some of the greatest challenge villains. Emily (Battle of the Seasons, Battle of the Sexes) Emily was a strong … Continue reading The Villains of The Challenges