The Conspiracy Plaguing The Ruins

There’s a good amount of controversy surrounding The Ruins, but there’s one conspiracy that gets brought up fairly frequently. It’s a behind the scenes rumor that often makes viewers question the merits of the season. No, I am not talking about that controversy. I’m talking about the fact that Susie married one of the crew members. Out of the fourteen girls on this season, only … Continue reading The Conspiracy Plaguing The Ruins

Throwback: Should The Ruins Have Ever Happened?

There’s a lot to be said about The Ruins, and it will likely go down in Challenge history as the most infamous season. While there are a lot of reason to question this season, the one thing I want to focus on is the theme. The Champions won. Who’s surprised? What else would have happened if you selectively place a bunch of proven winners against … Continue reading Throwback: Should The Ruins Have Ever Happened?

The Tonya Cooley Scandal

Uh-oh! Well, this isn’t exactly news. It surfaced in late October/ early November. Tonya is suing Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP; the production company of The Real World & The Challenges) for alleged rape. According to Tonya, everything happened during The Ruins when other cast members, namely Kenny and Evan, would call her derogatory names and at one point they took a picture of her without her … Continue reading The Tonya Cooley Scandal