Jamie Chung Real World San Diego

On the Rise: Jamie Chung

For anyone that saw the Hangover 2 recently, you may have noticed that Jamie Chung had a supporting role in the film. She played Lauren, Stu’s bride-to-be. Ever since she last appeared on The Inferno 2, Jamie has embarked on a successful acting career. She’s had a number of roles, including a supporting role in horror flick Sorority Row, a leading role in the live action version of Dragonball Z, and she starred in an ABC family movie. Hopefully the success of the Hangover 2 will give her acting career a good boost. It’s nice to see that someone from the Real World can actually make it in Hollywood!

Here’s a look at Jamie on the Inferno 2. Her only challenge, but a challenge she won.

Here she is at the premier of the Hangover 2.

I wish Jamie the best of luck, and I’ll never forget her past on The Real World San Diego.

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