Real World Las Vegas 2

Real World Las Vegas 2: A Season in a Post

One Wednesday night the reunion of the Real World Las Vegas (actually, it’s MTV’s second trip to Vegas, but who’s counting? Certainly not them) aired. The entire cast was there, including Adam that got the boot early into the season. We got quick updates on the lives of the cast members, and watched them fight about the same issues they’ve been fighting over for the past 12 weeks.

The reunion got 1.507 million viewers. For reasons I cannot explain, I’m obsessed with TV ratings. Not great, but reunions never pull huge numbers. However, the episode did really well in the show’s target demographic.

This season saw Adam become a drunken mess and get kicked out of the house, Dustin fall for Heather only to be broken apart when Heather finds out (from her mom) that Dustin was featured in gay porn, Nany search for her birth father, Mike and Dustin fight constantly, Cook come into the house just to cause friction, a pregnancy scare, and a kindofsortof marriage.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season. It was the right balance of partying and real life. While there were a lot of silly moments during the season, it was nice to see the cast discuss real issues. There was a period when the show had become entirely about partying and hooking up, and while that does make good TV, viewers of the Real World want the back story. I definitely feel that this season was a step in the right direction.

I’m excited to see this cast in the future. Hopefully a few of them make appearances on challenges!

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