Battle of the Exes List

5 Couples That Should Have Shown Up

Anyone that’s seen a season or two of the challenge knows that there’s going to be hooking up. Where there’s hooking up, there’s also going to be breaking up. Here are 5 broken up couples that should have participated in Battle of the Exes.

Danny & Melinda

Danny and Melinda were very quick to fall for each other on their Real World season in Austin. Then, they returned for the Fresh Meat challenge as an engaged couple. The duo then appeared on the Gauntlet 3 when they were about to get married. By the time Melinda returned for Cutthroat, the two had been divorced. While they may not be on the best terms with one another, they were fan favorites on their season and would be a fun couple to watch.

Knight & Jemmye

Anyone that watched their season couldn’t help but like the couple. Plus, the second New Orleans season has yet to have a single cast member make an appearance on a challenge. It would have been fun to watch these two work together, though I doubt their chances of winning would have been very high.

Mike “The Miz” & Trishelle

Back in the day, there was nothing that make Coral’s blood boil more than Trishelle. When the two started dating on the Gauntlet, Coral was less than happy with both of them. On the Inferno, she was able to forgive Mike but still held a grudge against Trishelle. Mike has given up the challenges for wrestling and Trishelle for poker, but they two might just make a killer team. I think they’d have a chance of winning.

Frank & Jillian

What’s one part Real World & one part Road Rules? Well, it’s certainly no longer the challenges so our only other option is Frank and Jillian. On the Gauntlet 3 the power couple couldn’t catch a break winning Gauntlet after Gauntlet and ultimately winning the whole show. They may not be the most interesting couple, but they’d be a force that I wouldn’t want to take on.

Brooke and Evelyn

On the Real World Denver, Brooke was looking for love in all the wrong places. On the Gauntlet 3, she switched teams and fell for Evelyn. Though their romance was short lived, they might just be able to work together. Brooke is certainly not the best competitor, but if Ev and get Paula to cross the finish line anything is possible.


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