Battle of the Exes

Rachel & Aneesa…Is It Fair?

If anyone saw the Battle of the Exes preshow, there was one interesting point that the panel seemed to agree upon: that the same sex couple of Rachel and Aneesa may not be fair. So here’s my take on it…

Rachel & Aneesa Firstly, it’s important to point out that Rachel is a personal trainer. Not only is she in good shape, but she also knows how to deal with big meat heads that similar to those on the cast. For this reason I’ll be comparing Rachel to some of the males on the cast.

Aneesa is a decent competitor. She’s made it to 2 finals so far (Gauntlet 2 & Duel 2) but has yet to win. However, she was on the first team to leave last season. Aneesa can compete with the girls, but she’d be no match for the guys.

Essentially, I think that Rachel could take some of the guys in physical challenges and could outlast most in endurance challenges. She is a force and shouldn’t be underrated. I would not be surprised to see this team go far. Keep in mind, Rachel not only won the Duel 2 but also sailed to the final without ever setting foot in a Duel.

If all of the challenges were fights to the death, then I wouldn’t think it was fair. But I really think that Rachel and Aneesa will shine in challenges where the advantage goes to lighter people. I also think that with Rachel’s background as a personal trainer she’ll know techniques required to succeed and will be able to give good instructions to her partner. Rachel may be the strongest girl to ever be on these shows, and she’s only gotten better with age. If there was any girl to go against the guys I’d pick Rachel and I think having a same-sex team isn’t necessarily unfair.

Ultimately, it will come down to the challenges. After seeing the preview and preshow it looks like the challenges consist of eating wedding cake, rolling in honey, and mushing a dog sled. I don’t think either sex has an advantage in this, so I think they will be just fine.

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  1. trelo double satndard,tora pou einai gynaika 36ara ola kala e?an itan antras 36aris me 13xrono koritsi tha itheles omos na ton kremasoun.Xazos kosmos

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