Road Rules


Pictured above is Abram when he was on Road Rules. Back in 2003 he embarked on his first MTV show and got kicked off for attacking Donnell. Oops! But it’s not like Donnell didn’t have it coming. But the guy has changed a lot since his first appearance on Road Rules.

Here’s what he looks like now…

So here’s a few ways Abe has changed…

On Road Rules he mentioned that he thought interracial couples were unnatural. Then, on the Battle of the Sexes 2 he dated Coral. Now he kind of dates Cara Maria

On Road Rules he mentioned that he didn’t want to get any tattoos. Now he has a lot.

He used to be called the “Mini Miz.” That no longer happens because the Miz is nowhere to be seen.

On Road Rules he punch Donnell…on Road Rules Viewer’s revenge he punched Adam.

After punching Adam he was the only person to be kicked off of two shows for violence. Now he shares the title with CT.

Speaking of CT, both of them have appeared on all 3 Infernos.

Abe also has a children’s book out now.

He really has changed a lot. Some for the good, some for the bad. But I’ve always kind of liked him and at this point I’ll root for any Road Ruler. I used to prefer Road Rules to Real World back when I had the choice.

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